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Oil change surprise


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July 12, 2009
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Kingsport, Tennessee
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2006 Explorer Limted V8
I went to change the oil on my Explorer today and discovered the oil filter I had purchased would not screw onto my engine.

The last filter I used as an STP S2.

I Googled FRAM TG8A and everything says it will fit a 5 liter engine but the threaded hole is too small. So I compared holes and found the one I removed uses a larger hole.

Went back to the autoparts store and the book says this oil filter fits the 4.0 liter but under 5.0 V8 shows this same filter but there was a subnote of 252 but at the bottom it wasn't listed. And it shows another filter. Apparantly mine uses the other filter.

So I used the PH2 and it fits.

The guy at the store says this filter should fit my 68 Fairlane's 302. He says older Ford small blocks use the smaller hole.

I always got the PH2 filter and it fit - chosen from Advance Auto booklet...
Now I have a Castrol Mobil1 M1-210 (it was a sale).

weird. ive been using the 8A filter on my 302's and 351's and it works fine (full size broncos, f150's, my '68 mustang, etc)

Explorer/Mountaineer V8's have a metric thread.

For all those using a SCAM (FRAM) filters shame on you. They are the biggest POS on the market. Go Motorcraft or WIX.