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Ok here are some pics

94 Crawler

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March 9, 2007
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'94 Ranger SuperCab
Just a little abought my truck.

94 Ranger Splash Supercab
5.0 engin
GT-40y Heads
GT-40 Intake
Comp Cams Cam (have to find the spec sheet)
FMS Roller rockers

zf-5 trans
np-203/np-205 (ORD doubler) T-case
4.56:1 Gears Lock Rite front, Ford traction loc rear (rebuilt and re stacked)

3" Body Lift
4" springs + 1.5 spacer front
Explorer 4x4 springs + 5.5 block rear
custom extended radius arms (heimed and lengthened)
custom steering linkage
Entire lift to be changed after Christmas (springs and shocks)

Custom dual fuel cells in bed
Primary Beer keg
Secondary steel fuel cell
Bed cage
Snorkel (in the design phase)
KC Daylighters

So here are some pics


  • DSC01087truck.JPG
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  • DSC01089truck.JPG
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  • DSC01091truck.JPG
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  • DSC00980truck.JPG
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i like waht what i see :D

More pics

Some flex pics. Front springs limit droop and compression. Rear droop is limited by shocks compression probably the helper springs (got to go).


  • DSC01089truck.JPG
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  • DSC01078truck.JPG
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  • DSC01077truck.JPG
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  • DSC01086truck.JPG
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and a few more

More pics


  • DSC01093truck.JPG
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  • DSC01096truck.JPG
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  • DSC01095truck.JPG
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  • DSC01090truck.JPG
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Serious driveline! :thumbsup:

Any plans for bigger axles?

Nice ride!!! Did you need anything special to rig the NP t-case to the newer tranny???

I love the fact that the fuel cell is the secondary tank and the keg is primary. :D

everyone knows that a 5.0 can be converted to run on draft beer.:bdrunk:

nice truck u got there

nice build up.. sweet rig you got there my friend! Looks like it gets used as well! good stuff!


Lets see
My plans for the driveline are full width 44 and 8.8. I already have the high pinion 44 from a 79 Bronco. Iwant to go with an OX locker front and rear maby the 8.8 OX locker will be avalable within the next two years. I would go with Dana 60's but they are hard to find in this area$$$$$$. Also I think the 1/2 ton axles are wide enough my opinion.


The np203 was from a chevy b/c it was free:thumbsup: I had to have the case drilled and tapped also had to find a 31 spline input shaft (Ford). In all I probably have as much invested in that case alone to have been ripped off on a Ford case. But for anyone wondering any 1/2 ton and up transfer case will bolt to any 1/2 ton and up trans Ford only. They have used the same pattern for years best as I can tell. Case in point I actuly had the np205 bolted to a E4OD just to see if it would work.

Thanks I was going to use two kegs but i could not source another one (LEAGALY). I got disgusted and drug out the old cell from my Chevy for the secondary. Since then I have found them for $50.00. :( Oh well I will run it as is.

Thanks all for the complements as of right now I have only driven it in the yard and in the garden. I have several bugs to work out befor it is ready for the streat again.

Thank you Crawler! Being that I already have the M5OD-R2 and NP-205, that eases my mind. They're stored about 30 miles apart in case you're wondering why I didn't just try putting them together.
I want the ZF too, but I couldn't pass up the R2 at $50. It came out of an F-250, so it may last.


That M5OD-R2 is the 1/2 ton tranny right if so they should mate nicely. Also the zf is not an easy install you have to run manifolds or reshape the headers. There is part of the bottem of the bellhousing you have to remove to use the Duff headers and one tube that has to be tweeked to clear the bellhousing. Most importantly 3" Body Lift is required or major modification of the transmission tunnel will need to be preformed. As i currently have maby an inch and a half of clearence above the tranny. See pic above of shift tower sticking through trans tunnel. I realy dont know if you could get the geomitry corect on the shifter to clear the dash without the body lift. With the mazda trans you should not have to fab anything except for the np205 shifter, which works better with the dual setup. Also with the corect mods the 205 can have the capability of 2hi, 2low, 4hi, 4low, front wheel drive, and front wheel drive low if you need it. I dont think I need the front wheel drive option and the 2low comes with the dual shifter. I am however concidering another doubler when i do my sas some time in"09". Altho I feel the truck is extremely capable now only time will tell.

Thought i'd add some more pics. Skyjacker 6" soft ride springs front, back to stock block + aal + 4" shakle rear. I have around 16" of wheel travel front and rear.

...and i see the f150 coil seats...:D

Yes:p: I was wondering if i went with a longer coil and got rid of the spacer if it would yield any more travel. (If skyjacker makes 8" coils:dunno:) Or maby i should wheel the sucker as is.:burnout:

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...actually, it seems like a lot of guys get the taller springs, they settle 1 1/2" or so in a year and they put the f150 seats back in...;)
...wild horse coils maybe..:scratch:...i am keeping my set up on my ranger because, if i start on changing the lift again at all, it will get a lot more than coils...and with the 2.3l, it's fine now...:(

...wheel the sucker...:D