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Ok to tow with my truck?

OK so Ive just bought a bronco, and its time to go get it... im going to go to U haul and grab one of their car dolly's. it should fit on that right?

I'm just wondering if its ok to tow it with my truck. i have a all frame mounted class three with the following specs.

Weight distrubution: 7500 lbs - Max tongue weight: 750 lbs
Weight carrying ball mount: 5000 lbs - Max tongue weight: 500 lbs

I've been told a 1978 full size bronco weights about 4000LBS

i have to drive about 2 hours on the highway, ill go 90Km

and swap down to my 31's, or maybe borrow my friends 225's :p

Are you going to tow it with your X? If so, keep in mind, U-haul won't rent trailers etc to people driving explorers. Its their blanket policy they knee jerk added when the firestone fiasco happened.

As for fitting, I don't know. I don't think weight will be an issue, but some of the car dollies are pretty narrow since they need to keep the tires within the lane and do so by quite a bit.


yea im using my ex, im just going to tell them im picking up a probe with it, if not ill just grab someone else car and switch to mine lol

ill just get a measurement then, nothing worst then going to get it and the dolly is too small lol.