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Out of Order Music files-SD Card


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January 3, 2015
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2015 Explorer XLT
I copied over a bunch of music on to an SD card and put it into the SD slot. While some of the folders seem to have kept the proper order, many did not and the order of the songs is off. When I look at the folders on my laptop they are in the proper order but in the car they are off. Some of the files have numbers starting in the label of the song name while others do not. In both situations some seem to be in order and others not.

Any tips from people with regards to using the SD card for music?

When viewing on a computer they are sorted by the name of the file, audio devices sort on the "whatever it's called", not the name of the file. Sorry, can't remember what it's called, it's something embedded within the file.

There are also track numbers embedded in the mp3 id3 tags (at least for most of my mp3's), but I think sync ignores them.

For playlists and track listings Windows Media Player works best, also you need the tags-most compatible are using Windows Media but iTunes and others work fine.

Just the song files sometimes cant be read as even a plain track listing,
and sometimes plain track lists work, then wont work, etc.

Look at this re Ford Ex and using USB stick as media player,
try your SD card instead.


Also - SyncPlaylist - the util to create library readable by MFT via USB stick.