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paint is bubbling

I have a black 05 and the paint on my rear quarter panel by the gas cap is bubbling a lot now.
I got a quote for 350 from a shop to grind it out and paint it. He said it'd be about a week and he couldn't warranty it cuz it's rust.
I also got a quote to have the whole truck done in plastidip which Im skeptikal about. It's going to cost around 600. It's just a random guy I found on craigslist who does it with a friend and has references. He said he'd grind out the rust and do a black gloss dip.

Has anyone plastidipped there whole truck before? And does the paint quote seem like a good price? Thanks

The thing with rust is there's always more than you think.
The best way to do it is to cut it out and put in fresh metal.
Plastidipping it will only cover it up and it'll come back within a year.

Thanks for the response. Does 350 seem like a fair price with no sort of warranty?

No, a proper rust repair is just like DjDom said, if you don't cut it all out and replace it will come back.

The shop who says they will not stand behind their work is NOT going to do a proper repair and they know it. They are going to sand it, fill it and paint. 6 months to a year later and the bubbles will be back.

Thanks. It was a guy I came across on craigslist. He said he works in a shop. I drove by where he said and it's a custom car shop I'm farmiliar with but they moved. I text him to confirm that's where he works and he said he does the work in the same building the shops located. I'm just going to call the shop and get a real quote from them.