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Performance Options Available for 2002 4.6 V8 ??

I have a 2002 Explorer XLT 4dr with the 4.6 V8. I am looking for performance upgrade options. I am sure someday a Supercharger would be great but realisticly I am looking for a bit more subtle mods to start with ( ie. Exhaust, headers, chip upgrade, cold air intake, shift kit, suspension upgrades, and brake upgrades ) I am interested in where is a good place to start looking for these. Most upgrades I see are available for 01 or older. If they are for an 02 it is for the 4.0 engine. Can anyone help me out here ? Please, feel free to email me at

Thanks for your help.


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There is a supercharger available I believe. Search for supercharger and (02,2002,03,2003,04,2004). There is a member whose name I can't think of, who has plans for his 2003 or 2004 Explorer. He could help you a bunch.

Pay special attention to your transmission. It is a new for 2002 design, and all of Ford's transmissions have had growing pains in the early years. Contact some of the bigger aftermarket transmission shops. They will be the first to know when major upgrades are available. Good luck,

Definetly work some tranny plans into your scheme. We currently are running a MAC intake on our '02. Seemed to add some power, and sure did give the 4.6 a nice growl ;)

Did a gibson exhaust on mine with a K&N drop in but I'm going to swap that for a KKM. Soon to add the Bama SCT flasher. Exhaust and filter helped and added 2 mpg on hiway. Want a little more so thats why I'm going KKM and Bama

I have an 03 v8 and have added slowly some mods that I learned were the cheapest and easiest for hp/torque inprovements. Magnaflow catback Exhaust, K&N air intake system, Bamachip Xcalibrator flasher (highly recommend - see Doug904 in forum for details). I am now considering headers, mass air meter and throttle body. I noticed biggest change with the flasher though. The thing changed the personality of my explorer altogether. Higher revving...better throttle..sweet deal. Go to local muffler shop for probably the best price on catback system..just look up part no on internet and give to them to be exact. Air Intake is cheapest online. Let me know if you need anymore help..good luck

Hey BBall what programs did you get from Doug?

Thanks much for your replies. Keep em coming, please !
I will check into what has already been mentioned here. I was heading the general direction you all have gone. I figured that starting with Intake, Exhaust, and Chip would be the quickest and most for my money to start boosting performance. I do not think I would go supercharger until I get ready to upgrade the transmission and brakes as well. Best to do all those at te same time I think. Thanks again for the help. I look forward to more choices to be available for our 02's + soon.


I got the 87 performance, 91 performance, 91 torque. The 91 Torque is said to add between 15-20 rwhp and will give me most improvement. Haven't tested yet..on 87 right now...gas prices stupid high in cali.

Sorry I didnt find this thread before. If you want to know anything about the moddability for the 4.6 Explorers I would be the person, well one of the few, to talk to. With that said....Alot of 4.6 mustang GT engine parts will work for these trucks. Pretty damn near all of them except for things that need to fit the engine AND chassis. The chassis design of the X versus the stangs are very different, so things such as headers and catback exhausts will not be able to fit. Alot of others will. Just clarify how much power you want and how much you want to spend and I can take you from there. I can help you go high power N/A, high power supercharged, nitrous, and whatever else in between. I dont sell the parts personally but I can tell you what will work and what will work really well. Either post a detailed description of what kind of power and what you want out of your explorer and I can help you from there. Till then take it easy.