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Planning a 5.0 Overhaul

Pistons back in the block. Just waiting for the cam and heads.




Painted the tensioner arm and alt. bracket.

She's slowly coming together. Now the fun part, figuring out a plan of attack to get to the lower motor mount bolt.

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Good work. Pulling that 5.0 is a chore.

At the pull yard today. I picked up some 5.0 F150 valve covers that were literally laying on the intake with some rocker arms sitting in them. Doesn't get much better than that. So I went ahead and grabbed them. We took them over to a 5.0 explorer and after doing a little examing think we can get them to work. For the breather line we can put a breather filter or add some extra hosing to get it to work right then just plug the intake tube.
For only $16 it wasn't a bad deal, they just need cleaned and painted. We also think because of the 1'' intake spacer there should be enough clearance on the driver side for the fill neck. I may need a long funnel to fill the oil but that's not a huge issue. AND we also grabbed a fan that belonged to a GMC Jimmy that literally fits inside a 5.0 Explorer fan shroud. The fan blade was in Excellent shape. All I should have to do is switch out the clutch in it. The fan is plastic but much more durable than the Explorer fan. I'd say we had a very good day at the yard. My cam should be here tomorrow and then we can finish up getting the bottom end torqued down. When I get paid thursday I can get the rest of the valve train parts the head gasket kit, a new orfice tube for the A/C condenser , some exhaust clamps, the crank sensor, and a few other ends and odds parts. I'd say IF I get my heads back this week and the rockers early next week then another 2 weeks she should be up again. We can only hope. This has been a long month.

Thanks. Money wise? I haven't been counting too much. I'd say a little of $2000 so far realistically. I still have a few more things to get like the tune the upper end gasket kit, and possibly getting my pistons notced for the cam. She's getting slowly closer.

I already pretty much have all the fluids now. R.P. break in oil, a quart of Tranny fluid to replace what was lost, P.S. fluid, Royal purple additives for coolant and P.S. And also about 2 jugs worth of antifreeze. I haven't had a chance to clean the injectors yet. What's a good method? and that reminds me to get new o rings for them as well. Most of the parts on this engine were clean, the bearings were in "like new conditions". The dirtiest parts were were the oil leaks were around the pan and harmonic balancer and the frame rails. I also need a new PCV valve for the back of the intake manifold(Upper), new hosing to route a 2nd tranny cooler I got from the pull yard, breathers for my F150 valve covers since the oil fill is now on the driver's side not the passenger's side.

Okay cool. I'll have to check into that for sure. If my budget for this build was larger I would honestly get new ones. I also need to make sure that my spark plugs will work for my newer setup as well considering the heads are going to be shaven a little bit. There's so many dynamics but I've been pretty patient why trying to learn how these engines work. This is my first engine build and at the same time I'm also changing alot of engine dynamics so my brain has been overloaded alot lately. My friend has been helping quite a bit too which helps tremendously.

Oh wow really? I'm only milling 0.018 off mine. Good to know and we are planning to mock it up to rest. I guess a few members were telling me much more than .50" lift on my cam and I'd run into possible issues with that. This flowtech specced cam has 0.56" of lift.

Don't get me wrong, mock it up to to check for sure. Duration, ramp rates, rocker ratio, gasket thickness and advancing/retarding of the cam makes all the difference. Always check to make sure.

No doubt thanks for the advice though especially on the injectors. I'll keep this thread updated as progress is made. She should make quite an upgrade over before and sound Wonderful!:thumbsup:

Few pics of the cam and the valve covers that I painted from the pull yard. Didn't turn out perfect. Should have sanded off the old paint better but it was cheaper than buying brand new covers for now.




Oh yeah I do need to recharge my Air conditioning system as well and get a new orifice tube.

The cam looks bumpy--:D
Nice job on the valve covers. How much taller are they than the explorer covers?

Honestly Jon bumpy will not bother me as long as it drives fine as far a lope. You should really see the Stang now. I've grown used to it, Ever since I seen your mounty I fell in love with cammed engines. And the covers are about a good inch taller. Oh yeah, Ed is offering me two different rockers. He's offering the comp pro magnums and he's also offering Scorpion 1.65:1 rockers that he's had on the shelf for a while for $200 for the set. What ya guys think. I want to make a decision on that by monday so they'll ship. As far as pushrods he told me to mock the engine up and test for the valve geometry and preload before getting new pushrods.

Yeah we did. The pistons had a hard time clearing as was.

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