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"POW" then won't start.....1999 sohc


September 26, 2010
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99 Explorer SOHC
Hey everyone, 1999 explorer sport sohc won't start. 145,000 miles. It has been bucking/hesitating some ,the last two weeks. Yesterday went to start it and there was a backfire "POW"and gas smell. Will not fire at all. Any ideas or had same issue? Thanks

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Sorry DonsFords, you posted in the wrong section. However, sounds like you need to start by verifying that you have spark at the plugs and if so then I want to say that your timing chain tensioner broke on your 4.0 (basing this on the engine backfire before it wouldn't start anymore).

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First thing I would do is check the compression on all cylinders to check for timing chain issues.

No what you want to hear, but you definitely need to rule this out first.

Darn thing just started right up HMMMMMM???

Low fuel pressure/ clogged fuel filter...

I wonder when the fuel filter was changed last and what the fuel pressure is when you start and/or run the engine...If it is less than 65 psi to 72 psi you have a delivery problem...Could definitely explain the bucking hesitation and backfiring...Lean mixture as well as timing issues will cause that...