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Preparing Radio/Climate Bezel

Thank you STRunner!
I've looked around the brake master cylinder and around that area, but I haven't looked under the truck yet. I didn't do anything today because I wasn't feeling well after I fell in a Dollar General Store, so embarrassing, LoLoLoL. But I do plan on starting tomorrow morning if I get to feeling ok. I really can't wait to get the factory switches wired up, I have been reading some post and I feel confident that I can and will get the switches to work. Like I had said in the previous post, I do plan to run both wiring for the fog lamps and driving lamps @ the same time. And thank you for the wiring diagram.

No problem! If you're not sure I can snap a picture of mine when I get the chance.

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Tip: Look for the boot from the inside, under the dash. You can get to it pretty easily if you kneel down. I recently ran 2 wires through that boot after poking a small hole in it with my "pointy tool".

Thank you STrunner and Koda.

Ok, I had started to install the fog lamps, I am not done with them yet, I started late and the mosquito was getting bad down here. What I have left to do is to wire through the firewall and wiring up the factory switch. The lights do work as the are now. I will post again for 2 other pictures.


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2 more pictures.


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Ok, I was able to run the wire all the way up to the firewall after I had drilled a hole but unfortunate I didn't have enough wire to run into the firewall, LOLOL. I need to add more wire. So I had wrapped everything up for now and I will finish either tomorrow or Saturday. My granddaughter is coming to spend the day and night. HAPPY DAYS!


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Sorry, not @ this time. I am having problems with the switches to light up the fog lamps, I have been busy with other things while I am feeling well.

Thank you el4ngelloya, I have done a lot of research from the forum and a lot of help from rebel midnight write up and thought I would go ahead and do a writeup myself. Once I get this little project done and working I will continue and finish this thread. I have another project I want to get done after this one and it is the center console, I am really excited to get it started. I have the fog lamps ran and wired up, just don't have the switches wired up. for some reason when I had them wired, they would turn on but I couldn't turn it off. So I need to do some more home work or have someone look @ it to see if I have it wired correctly then I will get the driving lights wired and working.
SPSully, I am up for any ideas that is within my being able to afford doing it. LOLOLOL. I know I need a front end alignment soon and before I get that done I am going to change the front brakes and replace the front shocks I hope beginning of next month. I have enjoyed reading all the post here in explorerforum, very informative.

SPSully, I think my problem with the switches is that I am not wiring them correctly, someone did e-mail the schematic to me but I just don't understand it. I am wanting to use factory switches with the interior light switches indicator lights to come on and off with the headlight or exterior lights.
I will have to take pictures to show off what I mean....

Pictures would definitely help so I know what you are working with