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Question about the Euro Tailights?


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April 13, 2005
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Detroit Michigan
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98 Sport
Hello, i have a question, i am thinking of getting some euro tailights for my explorer. I have a 1998 Ford Explorer, The Sport Edition with 2 doors. I found this tailights on ebay but they say it wont fit 1998 Ford Explorer Sport edition. I just want to know if they will fit or not on my explorer and what's the difference? I thought they are all the same.. Here is the auction link:

Auction 1 :

Auction 2:

Thank You

Welcome to the site. Both will fit just fine on yours. They obviously do not know what they are talking about. The 98-01 Sport/4 Door models share the same taillight housing. They just won't fit 01 Sport 2 doors since the body style is similar to the 02-05 Explorer.

What Ben said.

98-01 4 doors are all identical re: tailights. 98-00 Sports (two doors are all the same). '01 marked a re-design for the two doors only. 4 door followed in '02.