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Quicklifts up front and Monroes out back?? Anyone tried it.


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July 25, 2003
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My 2004 or 5 explorer(can;t remember) has crossed over 80thousand miles and I want to replace the shocks. I already have 265's and 17x9 rims and I want to get a little space. If I wasn't doing shocks I probable wouldn't lift it at all. It's not really a daily driver (i have motorcycles) but it still has to be practical when i use it.

I honestly do not need any height in the rear and want to just level it out. Has anyone ever done quicklifts in the front and just some Monroe quick struts in the rear? This should save alittle money and also be easier since the rear struts are backordered were I found the best price.

I want to use bolt in assembled struts so I can knock the install out quickly myself. I have a spring compressor but want to do it quick and easy.

I have 3 kids and moneys tight so I'll save roughly 200.00 doing it this way.

I cannot figure out if rancho's rebate applies to our quicklifts either.

Thanks guys let me know. I can go either way but with a wife out of work tending to 3 kids I can use any extra money I can find. Most of the fun stuff in my signature is gone and was build when I was single or recently engaged. :help:

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For what you are looking for that set up would be good. The quick lifts will level out the ride if you do them in the front only. I had quick lifts on all 4 corners of my ride and the rear sat higher with the correct part numbers all installed. The front quicklifts were backordered as of 2 weeks ago. Are they still on back order?

the fronts are not but one of the rears is were I plan to order from.

if I get the rebate I only save $30.00. Guess I should call rancho. :salute:

absolutely...call those guys! monroe and rancho are both owned by tenneco so you are still somewhat still staying with the same brand ask if they will do a rebate for buying all 4? :)

I have the same issue, my struts on my 04 are shot and I want to do the quick lifts but I was thinking about only doing the fronts to start out with. Keep me posted on what you do. I should be putting some 265's on soon then move on to the suspension.

I may have a brand new set of quicklifts up for sale since I upgraded to my ADS Coilovers
anyone interested PM me and let me know.

I have quicklifts on the front of my explorer and Monroes on the back with a 1.25 spacer. If you only put spacers on the front it will not sit level, the front will be considerably taller than the rear.

I had quicklifts on all 4 corners of my explorer and it sat higher in the rear. I had to use a 1.25" spacer to make the front level with the rear. I had only spacers on the front. I have pics to prove if needed.