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Ranger grill on 1st gen Ex

So i've searched, google and here, and haven't come up with what I am looking for. I've seen the old ranger grills, with the ford emblem in the middle. I have a 93 explorer with the standard grill, emblem at the top. I've liked my grill so far, but I have heard others say the ranger grill on the ex looks better. It's opinionated, but something I am considering just for a change of scenery (and between the brush guard and bug deflector the ford logo tends to be a little hidden). But I'm one of those people who likes to see it before I take the time to do it. So:

Anyone got pics of a 1st gen ex with the 89-92 ranger grill? (chrome if you got it as that is what I would go with, black doesn't go well with my explorer I think)

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I like it, looks like I may be doing that as soon as I can find one in decent condition at a local pull-a-part type yard. Did you paint blue on there on the edges?

thanks dislexiclawyer for puttin my pic up. jp1689, i painted the inserts ford blue. left the face lip chrome. it was a bit of work to mask it but its overall easy... good luck on finding one. i have 2 right now. i went back to a stock chrome/silver ranger grille now because my paint from bodyline down matches the inserts.