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Rear Differential Vibration & Fluid Change


May 2, 2009
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Crystal Lake, IL
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2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I watched the video on how to change differential fluid, but the part that got only momentary mention was adding the new fluid. I have a 2002 AWD Mountaineer. It appears the fill plug is right above the larger drain plug. Having the spare tire in the way doesn't help.

What's the best trick for letting gravity do its thing and allow me to refill it?

Now, the bigger reason why I'm doing this:

I get *serious* vibration from the rear when making turns, especially after traveling long distances. The differential has 97K miles. A year ago Ford looked at it but may not've replaced the fluid. I'm about to change it out with Mobil 75W140LS, figuring a $50 oil change is an inexpensive troubleshooting step. Anyone ever experience this?