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Remote start, wires help


December 11, 2009
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04 EB
I'm trying to install a C3-RS-915LCD remote start on my 04 explorer with factory alarm

i can match some wires from the remote start to the explorer but some idk were they go or if they don't go at all, please let me know if i can forget about some wire and were the other ones go

Ground output while running- is the ground for a bypass
second starter output- N/A
2-step unlock/factory disarm/sensor by-pass - ?
Instant start and turn off input - FOR TESTING THE REMOTE START
dome light control output - NEED RELAY FOR THIS
Horn output(programmable) - SO IF I WANT TO USE THE FACTORY HORN
Channel 4 programmable output -NEED HELP IDK
Neutral safety switch input -IDK
Ground output when disarmed -IDK
Tachometer signal input -TO TACH WIRE
Channel 6 programmable output -IDK
Accessory 2 control output -IDK
Diesel wait to start input -N/A
Ignition 3 control output -N/A
Zone 3(-) negative dor pin trigger -IDK WHATS MY DOOR TYPE
Channel 2(trunk) output -IDK
Zone 2 negative hood/trunk trigger -TO HOOD PIN
(+)brake switch shutdown input -TO BRAKE SWITCH
Zone 3(+) positive dor pin trigger -IDK DOOR TYPE
(-) negative hood pin safety shutdown -TO DOOR PIN
Ground output when armed -TO RELAY
Channel 5 programmable output -IDK

were to mount the senser???
anyone knows if i can use the factory led on this?

the wires i know i got it from here so idk if they are right or not i try my hayness manual but can't find it

all you see on top is one harness from the remote start
the remote start has more with i know like the led light siren and more

thanks for the help

Not sure how much experience installing electrical stuff but, you may be in over your head with this. Installing Alarms and Auto Starts on modern vehicles with factory anti-theft systems, like the PATS key system require an add on kit to bypass the system and thus make the truck start. Incorrectly connecting outputs from this alarm may damage electronics on your truck. Almost everything is computer controller these days. You'd be better off finding a reputable shop that installs alarms/stereos. They will know exactly how to make it work correctly. We used to refer customers to a shop that installed Viper systems for 2 reasons. 1). the alarm had a lifetime warranty, so if anything failed it was replaced at no cost. 2). They were able to install the system in a day, and their work was also guaranteed.

I am not familar with the brand of sytem your purchased, but we used to see many strange electrical issues that were eventually traced back to a failed alarm control module. It put the owner of the vehicle in a real pickle. Either disconnect the auto start/alarm or have a new one installed.