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Viper 791xv install

Fish Man

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April 13, 2002
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1995 Explorer XLT
Hey everyone. started today installing my alarm system. got the shock sensor, led, vallet switch, antenna, remote start, hood pin switch, brain yada yada yada all put in. now i said they were put in not installed :( i hooked up all the wires that i knew what to do with but that left me with several that I dont know where to put them. i got the chart from bulldog security that told me most everything that i needed to know to hook up to factory but it was missing a few things. Heres the wires that i didnt hook up yet:
from primary harness 1:

1, orange (-) ground when armed output. this wire suplies a(-) 500mA ground as long as the system is armed. this output ceases as soon as the system is disarme. the orange wire may be wired to an optional dei 8618 starter kill relay

3, White/Blue remote start (-) activation input
this input comes from the factory set to 2 activation pulses. this means that it is necessary to have 2 consecutive ground pulses on the white/blue wire for the remote start to activate or to deactivate. the same holds true for the remote control activation when set to a two pulse setting it is necessary to press the * button twice for the remote start to activate or deactivate.

6, Blue (-) multiplex input, zone 4
inputs shorter than .8 seconds will trigger the warn away response while inputs longer than .8 seconds will trigger the full alarm sequence. if installing an optional dei dual stage sensor connect both the blue and green wires of the optional sensor to this input. this wire will report zone 4.

12, Red/white channel 2, 200mA (-) output
when the system recieves the code controling cannel 2 for longer than 1.5 seconds the red/white wire will supply an output as long as the transmission continues. this is often used to operate a trunk/hatch release or other relay driven function.

Secondary Harness
1, light blue (-) 200mA 2nd unlock output
this wire provides a second unlock output for progressive locks.

2, white/black 200mA (-) programmable channel 5 output
this wire provides 200mA programmable output

3, violet/black 200mA (-) programmable channel 4 output
this wire provides 200mA programmable output

4, Green/white (-) factory alarm rearm
this wire sends a negative pulse every time the remote start shuts down or the doors are locked. this can be used to pulse the arm wire of the vehicles factory anti theft device.

relay key switch interface

Green, starter input
for anti grind or starter kill attach this wire on the key side of the starter wire for anti grind and for the starter kill to be active.

Red/White (+) 12V input
connect for high current outputs

Remote start secondary harness

1 Blue/white (-) status output
this wire supplies a 200mA output as soon as the module begins the remote start process. it can be used with a relay to disconnect a sensor from the system as shown below. the h1 blue wire can also be used to rearm the factory anti theft system when the remote start shuts down.

5 black/white neutral saftey switch input
connet this wire to the provided toggle switch. connect the other wire from the toggle switch to the park/neutral switch in the vehicle. this wire will test with ground with the gear selector either in park or neutral. this will prevent the vehicle from accidenlty being started while in drive. this input must rest at ground in order for the remote start to operate. connected properly the vehicle will only start while in park or neutral.

also got a mini 2 wire harness with blue and green wires which are mentioned being used to lock/unlock but doesnt mention where they should be installed.

also have another harness coming out of the relay satellite which has 4 wires, blue, orange purple and pink.
blue-status output
orange- 200mA 2nd accessory output
purple- 200mA starter output
pink- 200mA 3rd ignition output

if anyone can tell me anything about any of these wires or if you need more info, please let me know. i provided all the info i have via the install guide so hopefully someone will know. thanks alot!!!

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. counting on you guys!!

All I can say is good luck. I wouldn't even attempt to install an alarm myself.

alright, if i have time tonight when i get off work, i will look at my wires and see if i can help you.Or while the day(dont mean to advertise anothor forum) go to . They are real helpful. Some of them own audio shops and half of them that own clifford or Viper have installed their own alarm. If they cant help you out, they can prolly give you a wiring diagram. Just Make sure you follow all the rules and newbies things, they are pretty strict.But when you get there, go to the audio forum and thats where you can post this up. -TJ

1: Unless you are putting in a starter kill, you don't need it

3: Accessory remote start wire, most people don't use this, it allows another method of starting the remote start sequence, again, not needed.

6: Did your alarm come with a dual stage shock sensor? if it has 3 wires coming from it, and plugs into an existing place in the brain, it is a dual stage and you don't need this wire.

12: This is an accessory channel, can be wired up to drive a relay (to roll windows up or down, or shut sunroof etc. requires an extra relay and some wiring knowledge to use.

1: This wire is used for "Drivers side priority unlock" if your X usually unlocks the drivers door first and then you have to push it a second time to unlock the rest of the doors, you will want to use this to keep that funcion. However you need to make sure it is wired into the correct part of the Keyless entry harness to work properly

2: See #12 in primary, same deal, extra channel for whatever

3: See #12 Yet another programable channel

4: I don't believe the Ex has a factory rearm setting, Not needed.

Relay key switch interface

Green: If you can remember not to try and start the truck while its running, you won't need this, it disables the "START" position of the ignition while the remote start is operating so you don't grind the starter

Red/white: Can you give me a better description? I'm not quite sure on this one

Remote start secondary harness

1: Can be used to take a sensor out of the loop (say your truck shackes a lot when it runs and sets off the shock sensor or something, you can disable it when the remote start is active) can be used on any problem sensor, generally is NOT needed.

5: Wire it into one side of the toggle switch, Ground out the other wire from the toggle switch, when the toggle is off, the remote start cannot work, don't really see why you would need it. Your truck will not start in gear no matter what and you don't need the NSS function on the alarm. however you WILL have to at least run this wire to a permanent ground for the remote start to work.

Mini Green/Blue harness: This controls your lock/unlock functions, this will also be used in conjunction with "Secondary harness" #1 if you want to keep drivers priority unlock. As to where they go, I am not familiar enough with the X to tell you this, however should be able to tell you (or your local best buy/Circuit city, wherever)

Relay sattelite 4 wires: explain more, is this the ribbon that has a plug on the end of it? if it is it plugs into the brain, if not you'll have to be more specific.

Hope that helps


josh dude youre a life saver...i assume youve installed a few alarms?

primary 6: it did have a dual stage sensor which i already installed via a plug into the brain.

Secondary 1: yea my x does unlock the drivers door first and then the others...this isnt exactly important to me but ill look around on the internet and see if i can find the wire that i need to keep that

relay key switch interface
green: yea, i dont think that that will be an issue
red/white: i wish i could but thats all i know. i was hoping someone else would have a better description :p thats all the install guide says. physically it looks like all the other wires in that harness, heavier guage wiring, not fused, 12-14" long. but yea thats all the install guide says is (+) 12v input

remote start secondary harness
1: so should i skip this or where should it go?
5: what is the purpose of the toggle switch? is it same idea as a vallet switch??

mini green blue harness: if i dont keep drivers priority do i need this? i can find the wires i need if you know what they are.

relay sattelite 4 wires: this is not the ribbon one, i hooked that up already. this harness is not mentioned anywhere in the install manual...its got those 4 wires on it. ok i lied it is mentioned very very briefly and all it says is:
blue-status output
orange- 200mA 2nd accessory output
purple- 200mA starter output
pink- 200mA 3rd ignition output
its just a little 4 pin plug on the end and the leads are very short say 5-6" of light guage wire.

thanks so much for your help, i really appreciate it!! will be eagerly awaiting your response!

what the crap am i retarted? hooked up everything like the install manual said, hooked up remaining wires like jbrobeck said and when i try to use the system nothing happens. the remote beeps indicating it is sending out a signal and not recieving one from the car. i attempted to program the remote via the manual but i dont think it worked right...the manual is very vague on what to do after everything is hooked up. i need help!! :( :( :( :(


Addressing: Secondary #1, and "2 wire plug"(blue & Green wire)

These are essential for your door locks, there is a trick to whereabouts they must connect into the keyless entry harness, and I am sorry I haven't dealt with it in a while (2-3 yrs ago) you'll have to find someone more current for that information on where about to connect these and weather or not you use one green wire or both green wires for the drivers priority lock, I'll be looking into it over the next couple of days, but I can't help you much with that.

Primary #6, not needed if you have plug in dual stage.

Relay Key switch interface

Red/White: I would leave this alone until you've exhausted all else, I believe the brain has some built in circuitry to allow running high amp feeds, (for accessory circuits such as channel 3-4-5 programables) this allows you to add these circuits without needing relays , I could be wrong on that, but thats what I think, therefore you don't need it....yet

Remote start Secondary

1:Don't need

5: Yes Valet switch is what it is, you can either just ground it out right from the brain, or wire it to the switch and then groudn the other wire from the switch (I never install the switch myself). Regardless of how you do it, IT MUST SEE A GROUND for the alarm to work whether that means you direct ground, or use the switch(verify the switch is on!)

Relay sattelite 4 wire

???? I have not wired up the newer DEI products yet and while this has some familiar sounding items, I don't think they are needed? Sorry, wish I could help more here.

josh thanks again, i really appreciate your help. sounds like if i figure out what that 4 wire harness is (that explains why the remote start wont work) and hook up the blue and green harness (which explains why the door lock unlock wont work) i should be set. thanks again!!

hey, thought you might be interested to know i got it working. didnt do anything with the 4 wire harness. hooked up the blue and green harness and lo and behold it started working. i dunno why but it did so im happy. thanks for your help!

oh but btw now it shows that the doors are open whenever i arm it, effectively making it so that when someone opens the door, the alarm doesnt go off. whats up with that??

read through your diagrams again and find the wire that is used to sense your dome light (tells the brain when the doors are open) you will find your fault there, sometimes it has to be a negative trigger instead of a positive trigger, and you may have it backwards. what does the remote say when youu have the doors open?


the wire for dome light monitoring is hooked up to the door trigger. i forget what wire it is though. should i try to find the opposite for it? the remote thinks that the doors are always open

Well, you should see what the alarm calls for (+ trigger) or (- trigger) and then see what the door trigger wire reads when the door is shut, you may have to find an opposite trigger, or see if the alarm has a setting to reverse the polarity, or worst case you'll need a relay to reverse the polarity to the trigger wire on the alarm.


hey, thats exactly what i had to do, i found the - triggers and hooked em up to the green wire on the alarm. all works well now!!

LOL, glad you got it all sorted out, now you're an expert, wanna come do my installation when I decide what setup I am going to use :confused:



haha im still no expert...the head lights go on when the back drivers side door opens...any ideas on that? :p if it werent so far you bet i'd help you out!

Hmm.... that is an odd one! It only does it with the rear drivers side door? Where abouts did you tap into the door trigger for the alarm (and did it do this before the alarm install? You might have stumped me here.....

yea...i know its because of the way i tapped into the door triger. i was reading on here and someone gave some wiring instructions that apparently didnt match my car. they listed wire colors for each door and that they were in the drivers kick panel so i found them all, hooked them together and put that to the door trigger which is fine and dandy except that one of the wires listed is apparently the headlight wire and not the door trigger :p only thing is that i dont feel like tearing into the car again to get to those wires and plus i dont know which one it is. of course i could figure it out but well, its hot out side and i dont wanna :p

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Hi Fish Man. I would like to ask you some question regarding the installation. I do have 05 explorer xlt.
1- Dome light and door trigger. do I tap both of them togther and connect them to the dome light wire. and with or without relay.
2-can you give me detail on how did you connect your bybass to your car and to the alarm.
3- How did you connect the tach wire and the black/white neutral saftey switch input.
3- did you connect the factory disarm wire.
4- H/2-1 did you connect the 2nd unlock to unlock the rest of the doors.

did you use any relays other than for the trunk release and the dome light.

any tricks that I need to watch for? I started to connect the H1 wires and the unlock and lock wires. i did not use alot of wires!! but when it came to the rest I thought of asking the expert first.

Thanks in advance for you Time and your Help