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Rollover posse Application

I was on my way home from work when i fell asleep, i woke up right as the tires went off the road, i didnt have time to react before i hit a culvert which launched me into the air(probably about 3-4 foot) and i hit a telephone pole(snapped the telephone pole in half) and then rolled it. It slid on the passengers side into a tree... I walked away from it with a few bruises.

I think she'll buff right out;)






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wow, if that tree hit the drivers side you'd be a gonner. Its good your ok. That was also a nice explorer.

hate to see a really nice explorer end up that way, sorry to hear that, glad your ok tho, thats the important part

Application accepted...welcome aboard. :eek:

Glad you're ok...

Holy crap.. You are very lucky.. I've seen enough fatal accidents in my time to say you definately had someone watching you. I saw a fatal accident about a month or so ago, the guy supposedly fell asleep at the wheel on a stretch of a 4 lane highway in a F-450/550?, hit a electrical pole and snapped the pole plus had serious interior damage to the passenger side, unfortunately thats where the fatality occured.. All this occured during the day too..


glad you're ok! crazy pics blee...says the truck was an f450 on the fender in the last pic

Damn man, glad to hear your alright. That must have been an "oh ****" feeling when you opened your eyes. So how many pairs of shorts have you gone through?

Yeah i was wearing my seatbelt. When i opened my eyes it was a definite "oh ****" feeling. I had to shut it off because it was still running, and then i climbed out the drivers window. Blee those pictures are crazy! im glad that is not what happened in my case!

Here is some more pictures:



^If you look hard enough you can see a dime frozen to the headliner... there was also a wrench frozen to the headliner in another picture..

wow, thats good you are was still running after that, now thats an acomplisment i dont think and j**p 4.0 can atest to.

jeebus.. im glad your ok, thats scary!

I know that feeling. I woke up on the road one time to see the front end of my old Blazer inside the trunk of a Pontiac Bonneville. And on a separate occasion, my buddy flipped his CJ-2 with me in it (front flip, not roll-over). Two very 'exciting' experiences, good thing you got both done at the same time. :p: Sorry to see your truck in such shape though. Makes you thankful to be alive.

Holy $hit!, glad your okay

Damn!!! Good to be alive , eh?

glad your alright....might want to get that dime before the insurance company does....give it a good car wash it will buff out.

Sorry to see your ride like that, but definitely glad to hear you came out of it ok!

OUCH! Hopefully your bruises heal fast and you got another ride. I don't know if that EX will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix or not but keep us informed.


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Thanks for the kind words guys. Currently i am driving a 96 taurus until i can get my cougar to the point where i can drive it. The EX only had liability on it so i am parting it out . I started it up the other day and it ran great...but I couldnt take it mudding one last time:( (I guess in a way i did with the amount of mud on it) If anybody needs any parts let me know! I will probably put the engine and rear axle in my 91(the axle to make way for an aussie locker).