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Saving another one

301k on the odometer BTW

half-3/4 quart oil usage over the 5000 mile oil interval.

He's ok,

Well, kids pay attention.

Here is what happens when you rage at a concert until 12:00 and try to drive 2 hours home tired.

Inexperience and drowsiness led to hallucinating and swerving into a curb at a high rate of speed. The curb caught the bumper flipping the explorer end over right into a tree. To give you an idea of the severity-the steering wheel is under the driver seat.

Luckily he was thrown into the back seat to ride it out, and will survive. He's totally banged up and not really digging life right now.

A few years ago, another friend of mine lost his son when he fell asleep and went head on into a semi. So, forgive this grumpy man when I ask you to please pull over for a nap. Don't rush it. If your eyes get heavy, please pull over.



Holly crap!!!!! :eek:
He is lucky to have survived. I saw way too many that did not. Most likely because he was in that relaxed slumber state it helped him survive. Or My thought is the man up stairs has plans for him. Blessings counted.