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Sensa Trac or Reflex


August 22, 2002
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Niles, IL
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'97 XLT
I got a quote for some new shocks this morning from the local auto parts place. I have a choice of Monroe Sensa tracs for 25.99 each, or Monroe Reflex for 39.99.
I plan on installing these myself, is the extra $60 for the Reflex worth it? Im a full time college student and money gets tight. thanks

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depend on if you want a better ride or the best ride....

Anything would be better then what it rides like now. 90k miles and still factory installed shocks. I just want to do it cheap cause I will be selling my EX within the year.

I have sensa trac. They were 100 times better then stock. I love them.

I have the Reflex shocks and I absolutely love them. They are the 3rd set of shocks for the X, and they are by far the best. We started with the factory shocks, which were really bouncy. Then it got ProComp shocks (not sure which kind), and they were terrible, stiff, bouncy at times, and lots of body roll in turns. With the new Reflexes, all of my above complaints are gone. It feels like riding on air. Amazing shocks.

i have sensatracs and i dont like them very much. theyre ok on the street, i dont think they handle very well, but its a truck. i dont think this will apply to you, but i dont think theyre stiff enough for offroad use.

Go with the Monroe Reflex shocks. Had Edelbrocks, but last only 2 years. Then had Rancho's which where good for offroad, but did not do well for stability on the pavement. Now have the Reflex's and they have been a really good all around shock with 30,000 miles on them. Only time will tell...

I like my Reflex's as well. Nice firm sporty ride.


where sis you find them for that price, sears has the sentra trac ones for 60 bucks each, thats allot more than 25.

Even if that is $60 a piece installed it is still a rip-off.

Sensa-tracs will give you a softer ride. It will also mean more body roll and less handling.

Reflexes will mean a firmer ride and better handling.

Reflex's, Love mine and if you time it right you can find a buy 3 get the 4th free deal.


Monroe Reflex worse than Stock

Today I had a complete set of Monroe Reflex shocks installed for my 98 Explorer. They are worse than the Stock Motor Craft originals that Monroe made for Ford.

I bought these Shocks because of the several positive
post recommending the Reflex's.Even the service mechanic said they would give a tight rough ride and he was right. Make sure you always request to keep your original shocks or you will be assessed a disposal fee with your bill under the item “other”.

What didn't you like about the Reflex's? Keep in mind the job of a shock is to dampen the suspension action of the vehicle and reduce body roll/oscillations. While some shocks will ride slightly softer than others, none of them will transform the explorer into a Crown Vic. It's a truck and it will ride like one.


What didn't you like about the Reflex's

I live in South Florida. The roads here for the most part are better than most of the country. I lived in N.E.Ohio for 30 years.

I recently purchased a 2 door Sport, 2-wheel drive 98 Ford Explorer from a professor garaged with around 40,000 miles. The original shocks were not that bad but, everybody on this board says the factory shocks
are inferior to today's MONROE - RANCHO new technology.

The set of 4 Reflex's installed today at Tires Plus are a
Huge disappointment. Driving over the smallest bump,
bridge seams or road markers are like having no shocks.

I appreciate good handling and a tight ride but,this is
ridiculous.My 85 300zx takes these same road bumps
without any problem. I cannot imagine you guys driving
back North with the big pot-holes all over the place with
these shocks.

I plan on returning the Monroe Reflex set first thing
Tomorrow morning but, I am not sure what to replace them with. I have test driven other Explorers and their ride is no where near this rough.

What is the best smoothest riding shock for this SUV?

i have sensa-tracs on mine for abot 4 mos. now and i love them. i should know too, i'm a d*mn shcok expert after all i went through. first, i got kyb's put on (~$250), didn't like them, 6 mos. later i get edelbrocks put on (~$250), didn't like them, 6 mos. later i finally went with sensatracs, alot cheaper than the ohter two and they gave the ride i was looking for. the others were way too rought, but now since i have EE swaybars, i don't need a handling shock at all. but i think these sensatracs handle great anyway, and give a great ride. hope that helps.

Originally posted by chess987
What is the best smoothest riding shock for this SUV?
I had Sensatracs before. They gave a nice soft ride in my opinion.

Returned my Reflex this morning

I returned the full set of Monroe Reflex for Sensa-Tracs
this morning. The service mgr. at Tires Plus remarked that
Explorers don't ride like a Lincoln Town Car but,he agreed to the exchange and alignment. I paid a $30 labor charge. That seemed fair and they did it.

I drove home tonight with the rush hour Daytona 500
crowd and the Sensa-Tracs are acceptable.

In my opinion the Sensa-Tracs are better than the re-Flex. I just started tonight reading about the swaybars .
98 model only rear available ?

I LOVE my Monroe Reflex shocks. I just had them installed a couple weeks ago(replaced stock shocks at 56k). Best thing I've done for the truck. Even the wife(who never really liked the ride the Explorer had) thought they made a terrific difference and was very pleased with the ride.

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for shocks.

In the last 2 months, i've been through stock, then Rancho RSX (Reflex technology), then KYB gas-matics, then sesatracs. The stock were crap, i'd bottom out on the trail, lots of lean, I'd even bottom out on speed bumps.

The Rancho's which i still have in the rear, were decent, good off road control, but i think they are too stiff, i think the reason for this is that the 'reflex' valving doesn't open (allowing easer travel) unless you hit a fair size bump. Maybe it's the tires, maybe it's the weight of the X, but it didn't seem to work well on the Rancho's at least.

The KYB's which were then placed onthe front, were OK, a little stiff and seemed to have the shorted travel. and the upper stuf snaped on me....

And finnaly, i was in a jam, and i bought the cheaper sensatrac's, i placed one inch of washers, essentially workign as a 1" shock extension,and they are PERFECT. I don't bottom any more, it's as smooth on the road as i can image (with large tires) and on mild off-roading, like light trails that your carring speed through, they just some up the bumps. VERY PLEASED!

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