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April 19, 2005
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1991,1992 EB's and 94 LTD
took my truck to get the speedometer fixed they said the cable and gear are fine the speedo head is bad well sence my tack dosent work eather its time to replace the gauge cluster i found a 1993 with almost the same miles but the clustter is slightly diff looking not the gauges them self but the backgrounds letters are diff color will this matter are 1993-1994 guage clusters compatible with 1991-1992 trucks i hope

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You might try asking the boneyard......they usually have a book that cross ref. all useable parts with other year mfn parts.

Aloha, Mark

I have most of my spare instrument cluster in our '92.. My spare came out of a '91.. The connectors were the same and all the gauges were interchangable.. (I'm still using my original Speedo and Tach.. the rest are from my spare cluster, including the PCB)..


The book that would have the information is called the Hollander Interchange Manual. The junk yards have them.

You can also get a good idea what others years will fit by using www.car-part.com

If you put in that you need a part for year x.. it will show parts from other years that also fit.. It may not show everything that fits, but so far every time it has shown me another year for a part, it has worked fine.