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Suggestions for my Ex


December 7, 2010
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Elmwood Park, NJ
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'05 Explorer Eddie Bauer
This is My 2005 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V8.
Please give me suggestions on what to do.
I want to make it look better and i want it to get more MPG and horsepower.
Current Mods:
Billet Grille
Custom Tailights
6000k Hids
Please give me suggestions!!

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Street Look:
20" wheels
Lowering springs
Ditch the running boards
4th gen mirrors
Magnaflow Exhaust
Cold Air Intake
Ditch Roof Rack
4th gen mirrors
Lower Billet Grille
Debadge the sides
Black headlights and corners
Tint front windows to match back

Talk to zerodevil about performance mods

Off Road (some of these will be the same as above):
New wheels (keep under 18")
Cold Air Intake
Magnaflow exhaust
Ditch running boards
Lower Billet Grille
Black headlights & corners
Bull Bar or Brush Guard
Tail Light Guards
Nerf Bars/step bars
Aux Lights
Safari Rack
Roof Rack cross bars
Tint fronts to match back

I'm sure I forgot tons of things but there's a start. Hope that helps.

20% front window tint...

Intake/Exhaust will help open your V8 up...

tint and exhaust and rims and intake and sct tune it and black out ur headlights and etc