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Superlift problem help


November 4, 1999
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94 XL
Hey fellas,
I bought a Superlift 4" suspension lift and am in the middle of installing the front and I am having a hell of a time with the super-runner radius arms. I have two problems. The first is the anti-sway bar brackets that go over the new radius arms at the axle. They do not fit over it. And the kit does not come with new ones. I've tried spreading them further apart but it doesn't work. Any suggestions? The second is the radius arms themselves. The bolt holes don't line up with the bolt holes in the axle. Now I know that they are supposed to be a little offset but these are not even close. Have any of you run into this problem? Superlift is no help and my axle is on the garage floor waiting for me to put it together. I've got the tires and rims just waiting, begging to be put on. Thanks in advance.


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Darkman, did you call Superlift direct. Even if you did call this tollfree #1-800-551-4955 ask for Don in the sales-tech dept. He helped me last week getting new radius arms on. Good luck

make sure and check the numbers on the radius arms. When I did mine they sent one right one and one was wrong. They looked the same, but the number was off.
I had to pound mine on with a big hammer but once they started they went on pretty easy.
Good luck!!

superlift problem

Yes, I did talk to Don. And he told me that he gets a lot of calls regarding the radius arms attaching to the axle and that it was tuff but that it would work. So I went back out into the garage and took another look and I did solve the problem. What I did was bang out the top radius arm hole with a mini-sledge in order to make the distance between the two holes wider. When I measured the holes they were 5 and 3/4 and I banged them out to a distance of 6 and 1/8.It worked. I also solved the problem of the anti-sway bar bracket. What I'm going to do is cut off the top and bottom holes and weld the bracket to the axle. But get this, I get the radius arms on the axle, put on the shock bracket and turn my attention to the radius arms other end and low and behold my kit is not complete. The damn bushing halves and washers are not in the kit. I just couldn't beleive it. I was getting so excited about putting the axle assembly back on the truck. Now I'm probably going to half to wait a week for the parts to come in!!! Crap. Anyway thank you for responding to my post.



You must have been typing at the same time as me. Anyway, I did check the numbers and they were right. But as youn may have seen I solved both of the problems and came up with another one. That being the missing parts. How long did it take for you to get your radius arm? Thanks for the reply.


to make you feel better I just installed the Superrunner steering kit and they sent me the wrong piece. I needed a 17?" tie rod and I got a 21" one. I called Superlift up and told them what happened and they sent me another one out UPS RED. I was all excited to get it all back together, but when I got the new part I measured it and it was the same 21" one. I guess they must have had a bunch of them in the same ben or something. Anyway I called again and they sent another one UPS RED.
Call them Monday and tell them you didn't get all the parts and you need it right a way since it is in the way or your own vehicle. They should get it out right a way.
Make sure to have your box handy since they will ask you for some numbers off of the box.
Good Luck!!!!!!!

hm.. the superlift kits don't include any bushings or washers for the radius arms. Just jaunt down to your local auto supply store, and a buy a new set.

No problem. good luck. Sorry for mispelling your name. I didn't have my glasses on.

Tom, I got the superrunner kit and it came with new nuts and the yellow bushings, but no new washers.
Maybe that is what he is talking about.

If you went down to the auto parts store wouldn't you just get the same stuff as the stock parts. Because I was just going to go ahead and use the stuff I got but the washers won't go beyond the threads on the ends. The kit did come with the nut for the ends and this big yellow poly bushing. Which I don't see where it goes.

darknight - the local stores don't stock the rubber bushings, they stock the red polys.

The superrunner steering kit was the only thing that came with bushings on my kits.. and that's the big, ugly yellow things..