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Synthetic ATF


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January 4, 2000
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97 Sport 4X4
Has anyone use Red Line D4 ATF in there 5R55E tranny before. I'm using Mobil 1 synthetic ATF with no problems but it's difficult to get here In California. I also need to remove the front drive shaft until I get my transfer case rebuilt. Will it hurt to leave it out for a while?

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Thanks, but I went ahead and bought 12 quarts of the Redline D4 ATF and only paid $85 for it. I also have an inline Motorcraft filter (XC3P7B155BC) that I'm going to install, I just need to figure out if I it's the pressure side or the low pressure side I should install it on. Any Ideas?

Dug out one of my old Ford filters from the garage. Hope this helps!







Thanks, but I went ahead and bought 12 quarts of the Redline D4 ATF and only paid $85 for it.


Amsoil ATF - 12pk Case of Quarts Automatic Transmission Fluid

Speaking of wicked deals!

Just picked up a case of Amsoil Signature ATF today for $80 (down from $87;))

Retails $14.65 a quart +shipping
Paid $6.66 a quart + pickup 5 miles from my home :party:

If anyone reading this is in west Michigan and are looking for a good deal on oil, I'd call him asap before I buy the rest of it up and sell it on ebay. :laugh:

If you are installing an external filter in the trans lines, place it in the output line if everything is working great. That will protect the coolers from contamination from any future failure, and they don't need to be replaced at that time. If there may be any debris in ATF or coolers now, or has been before, place the filter in the input line to the trans. That will protect the transmission from any contamination from the coolers now etc.