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Thanksgiving in Moab :)

hvac man

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November 30, 2002
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(return from) Thanksgiving in Moab :)

Ok my wife and I are going to moab for thanksgiving and are going to be there the 26- 27 and 29-30. We have no family dinners to go to this year so we're gitting the hell out of here :) If anyone wants to join us come on over. We are going to have turkey dinner at the brewery. I guess they are having turkey and all the trimmings :) Well talk to you later.


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Man you just can't get enough of Moab:D . I would go if that wasn't the week before finals. At dinner give thanks to 4 wheel drive, ARB air lockers, and slickrock!

"At dinner give thanks to 4 wheel drive, ARB air lockers, and slickrock!"

Dude thats why I'm going :) Too bad you couldn't have made it for the explorer rally.

Later Mike, good luck on those finals :)

Normally I'd be up for it, but the Moab run took more out of my X than I origionally thought. I finally wiped out my ball joints and my right outter tie rod. I'm spending tomarrow replacing everything, but this will kill my bank account, so no more wheeling for me this year. :(

Damn Mike I think it's time to do some suspention mods:) I was wondering if you would come accross this thread. I guess I'll just have to look you up in a few months :) I'm headed out to junction tomorrow for tires and I'm thinking about going over to 21rd to hike it and see what it is getting like. I hear it is just nasty :)

For pics go here:

Well I'm back from another exciting trip to Moab. I got there on tuesday night and wednesday morning when I fired up the ARB's the compressor went out. I tried to get it fixed but no one had a spare compressor sitting on thier shelf, oh well. I went on some sight seeing trails until friday when my buddies showed up. Friday we ran behinde the rocks trail with about 2" of snow on the ground and that made it into a pretty hard trail. Saturday we rad the golden spike trail and got off around dinner time. After dinner we went out and ran one of the hardest trails in Moab in the dark :) the trail is called proving grounds. On the first obstical a bronco that came with us got wedged in a crack and caugth his carb on fire, that was fun. The only carnage of the week was one broken track bar bolt, small carb fire, and my ARB compressor.