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The Juggernaut 97 EX 5.0

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big boy!! lol

It's looking good! The new tires look awesome

okay the explorer sport got sold, and my wife got an 02 mustang. i have now started back on my explorer. i got a new set of tires. BFG KM2 33x12.50x15 no trimming required

and a close up

Is that with no body lift? If so, I am liking this slowly growing trend of 32's and 33's with no body lift and no rubbing! I've got 32's on now and no body lift and no rubbing. Great looking truck. I'm looking forward to the pics and info on the skid plate.:D

No body lift at all, and I have a firm, but very pleasant ride, not to stiff at all. My 5'3" 115 pound wife, drives it like she stole it.. (when I let her use it).. it is usually when I am working on her mustang. LOL

In this pic, it is hard to tell. but the Juggernaut is setting next to a 4x4 explorer (blue) and the top of that hood, is almost dead level with the top of my wheel well opening. I probably should have gotten a better angle, but I was trying to NOT look obvious, LOL

sweet ride, would look good with a visor imo. how are your front end components dealing with being cranked up that hard?

okay, i'm back. I just bought another 02 explorer sport. needs a bit of work. but hey I know some secrets about the explorers now. This one is the 4.0 2wd sport. just trying to decide what way I want to go with it. I have had a 2005 Lincoln LS, sold it... a 2001 gmc Yukon Denali. just sold it, and I bought an EX. Sport. go figure.

Sorry to go off topic here: What is that hook on the lower control arm just to the left of the torsion bar receiver?

I thought they were a tie down hook but they're on replacement arms as well.

They are also where the manual says to use the factory jack for changing a flat

and as i promised, Pics.
I meant to take another pic of the front before i started, but there are some above, you can see.

So i started disassembly.

as i was installing the lower valance, i also painted all the tupperware on it, from that strange tan/rose color, to black. here is the front with new painted trim and valance. notice 4 fog lights now in front!

here is the side after painting side trim as well.

and a new shot of the rear after trim paint.

AND FINALLY!!! the new chrome billet grille insert!

Crappy phone pics, but there they are.
how does that insert work?