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Third row bench seat question


October 18, 2008
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2004 Eddie Bauer
Does anyone know it the "closeout" can be removed. the "closeout" is the thing that slides forward after the third row seats are folded down to keep cargo from falling between the 2nd row seats and the now folded down 3rd row headrests.

disregard, I figured it out

there is a button about 2 inches down inside the seat cushion, like the release for the headrest, that releases the closeout panel.

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crazy933, can you explain this in further detail? I recently purchased a 02 XLT. I have the 3rd row seat folded down but stuff placed forward falls between the seats as you described. I can't find the button that allows the closeout to move forward. Thanks!

my close out just slides forward. there are no buttons or anything to lock in an open or closed position. there are buttons inside the back (the part that folds down) of the 3rd row seat that allow the closeout to be removed from the seat. I was able to look down where the steel bars of the closeout go into the back of the 3rd row. there are release buttons similar to what are found on headrests. i forget which side of the steel bars they are on but they are about 2 inches inside the seat.

So does the closeout slide all the way forward making a totally flat space in the cargo area with no way for stuff to fall behind the 2nd row seats? I have my 3rd row seat folded down and have the cargo area but stuff can fall down behind the 2nd row seats. Thanks for the help and I hope I don't sound like a complete moron. I just bought the ex last month and am still figuring stuff out. Thanks again.

my closeout goes all the way forward to touch the back of the second row seats. I also have a weathertech cargo liner back there which would cover up any little gaps. dont think your sounding like a moron, its hard to get our ideas and thoughts across with a written medium such as this text.

Stupid is as stupid does...............I figured it out. I was trying to pull it up. I slid it and it went all the way to the 2nd row seats. No more losing stuff in the tracks. Yaaahooo! Where did you get your cargo liner from? I've been looking for a liner to put back there. Thanks.

i believe i ordered it from, jc whitney has them also, I have the cargo liner, front and middle row floor floor mats. I love them, too bad weathertech doesn't make them for the third row.

Thanks, I'll look into it.