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Throttle Body Base


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September 8, 2011
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Ford Explorer XLT 2002
The throttle body base on my 2002 Explorer is not functioning. I am in Mexico and in Spanish it is called Base de cuerpo de aceleracion. This is what the mechanic in the small town where I am said. I've had a number of challenges with my car and the last was that a sensor wasn't any good and my car wouldn't accelerate after driving fine. He changes the sensor and it happened again only this time he said it was also the throttle body base.

I would like to communicate with anyone who knows about this part and/or has had experiences with it. I am told that to get a new part from Ford is 15 days and 8,750 pesos equivalent to $730 US. Maybe someone knows a place where I can order a Ford equivalent part. Thank you.:exp:

Throttle Body Base = Intake Manifold

HI, Just discovered that I was calling the part I needed under the wrong name in an attempt to translate from Spanish to English as I am in Mexico and in need of the part. So relieved, thanks to a Ford parts guy in LA whom I called on Skype. And the other thing is that the part from Ford in Mexico City costs
$ 8750 pesos ($740 US) while when I buy it in the US it's $340 or less.WOW/ I'm just going to buy it and take it back to Mexico when I return.:exp::bounce: