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throttle body cleaning question


October 17, 2012
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1999 ex sport 4.0 ohv 2wd
Do I need a new gasket if I remove the throttle body to clean it or do I re use the old one?

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Hard to say, depends on how bad it's stuck on there.

PS: Can't you clean it without removing?

I just wasn't sure what way was correct. I've been researching around and some people don't take it off and some people do.

you don't need to remove it to clean it. just be sure to use throttle body cleaner and not carb or brake cleaner.

Ok, thank you for the feedback! :)

And there's a sticker on mine from Ford that says DO NOT CLEAN THROTTLE BODY. That may be good for Ford, but in the real world, it is going to need cleaning sometime. I personally remove mine to get it good and clean, reuse old gasket if in good condition. I have a new gasket for mine, just haven't used it yet.