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Ticking time bombs?

Reds Eddie

June 8, 2008
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Macon Ga.
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2003 Eddie Bauer
I was reading comments about the Explorers on some sight called "carscomplaints" I think it was. Our Explorers ranked #1(02), #2(03), and #7(05) I think it was, in complaints. Mine, which I just bought, had a clear carfax, drives and looks like a new car. I'm impressed with the condition of it with 74,x.. miles. Did I just get a good one or are these ticking time bombs? Mine is an '03 w/Eddie Bauer option. Sunroof, heated seats, dual climate, heated and puddled mirrors, driver memory crap. Seems well loaded and drives like new. What should I watch for?

One of the issues is the transmission. They are prone failure if they are used hard. Best bet is to put an aftermarket tranny cooler on (in addition to the factory one) to help keep it cool.

Also remember that it's the largest selling SUV, so it's likely to have more complaints.

I figured the complaints versus the amount sold would be the kicker. I do read alot of good about them. I'm really liking mine. Looking forward to the next road trip in July. Just a tad more room than the Mach :confused:

These problems are, IMO, overstated. My 2002, bought new, now with 95K miles has had only routine maintenance, and a few minor repairs. Granted if the tranny went out, I might view it differently; however, there are many of these with high miles and few problems. I have owned many far, far worse cars. Actually, this has been one of my best ever. So go figure.