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torsion bar reinstall


June 7, 2007
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2002 Sport
So I am trying to reinstall my torsion bar on my 02 explorer sport. Replaced upper ball joint, lower control arm and ball joint, tie rod end sway bar links shock all on the passenger side. My problem is I can not get the torsion bar adjuster screw and nut plate back in its slot. I am using a 5 ton gear puller to tension the torsion bar. However it seems to me that the adjuster insulator plate is shifting IB towards the center of the vehicle preventing the adjuster from properly lining up with the slot for me to insert the nut plate and torsion adjusting screw. Anyone else run into this? I haven't seen anyone mention this. I just ordered a new insulator plate perhaps it is worn enough to cause my problem. Thanks:yelexp:

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Remove everything (shock, steering knuckle, sway bar) off the lower control arm and let it hang down. Put the plate and adjuster bolt in. reattach lower control arm, then adjust the the torsion bar.

That is THE way to do it? Darn would have been good to know before I connected everything. Still its good to know what it will take to get it back together. Thanks

Its not the only way, but it is the easy way.

I replaced my torsion bars without any pullers, clamps, etc that way.

torsion bars

So did you also remove the two mounting bolts for the lower control arm or just remove knuckle and shock from it? :yelexp:

That's definitely the hard way to do it in my opinion. I would hate to have to take the entire front end apart just to get the torsion bar back in. The easiest way for me is to put a jack under the outer portion of the torsion key with the isolator above it and jack it up enough to slide the threaded piece into its position, then let the jack down, install the cover for safety reasons, and then install the bolt. Just be very careful that the key doesn't slip off the jack or that could be dangerous. That's the easiest and fastest way that I've found.

When you say put a jack on the outter part of the key are you referring to the outboard side ( thick area that the torsion bar actually fits into) or the inboard side that the adjuster screw fits into. I'm trying to envison this. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them to clear things up. Thanks for all the input everyone! :yelexp:

Okay relooking at your post I think you are saying you put a jack under the area where the torsion bar fits in the adjuster. And that torques it up enough to install the nutplate? Interesting! I wonder if it would be safer to also use a floor jack under the torsion bar itself just so that it couldn't totally kick out a smaller jack. Pictures will follow tomorrow! :yelexp:

Sorry, I meant the inner portion, where the screw hits it. I was picturing it backwards in my head.