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Transfer case stuck in 4X4 - 4 HI


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October 25, 1999
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My transmission was rebuilt last week. This week, during a test, I shifted my 1991 Explorer into 4HI and it won't come out. I confirmed that the electric shift motor is working properly and that the shifter knob on the transfer case, under the shifter motor, is set to 4 HI.

Yes, I have manual WARN hubs.

Yes, I can shift from 4 HI to 4 LO but the transfer case will not respond/return to 2 HI.

Question 1: I am going to remove the front drive shaft and pull a boat 350 miles. Will this hurt the transfer case?

Question 2: What went wrong?

Take it back to the shop and ask what the damn deal is. Clearly its something the did or didn't do.