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Trckmagik's Trail Ride w/ new pics Updated

Trckmagik's Lift install 35's PICS::::

Well, There was a change of plans for my 1992 Exploder. I decided to go w/ the smallest amount of lift and still be able to run 35's. This is just the start so I will include a couple pics from my work last night. Most of the rest will be done this weekend.

Warrior Shackle Install
Skyjacker 2" Lift Springs
3" Body Lift
35's BFG Mud
Detroit Locker & Carrier
Lock rite up front
5.13 Gearing (front and back)
Perry's fab and fiber front fiberglass fenders

Here are some pics of the 92 w/ 35's mounted and on only 1.5" of lift. These are before the Body Lift install.



The ONE drawback that i saw at moab with this setup that he is running is the rear spring hanger under neath. He kept smacking all weeknd long. Hopeully 37"s will help but on some of the spots not sure if an inch more clearnace would make a difference. Other than that the truck worked great in moab and is defently a good route to go.


Hey didnt we come up with an idea to solve that spring hanger problem? Something about moving the springs outside the frame rail like a BII? probably have to move some shocks around and fab up some new spring hangers, any reason why this wouldnt work? (I dont know, I dont have an Explorer to look at)

I guess the next best thing would be some little slide skid plates to help those hanger slide over instead of always getting hung up....