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vibration at 30km (18mph) to 40km (25mph)

Do you still have cats? Is your rear driveshaft compressed all the way or over extended? Im trying to ignore the rear ,and from your description it reminds me of something rubbing, I had that type of noise once from the plastic tank shield, I know the cats are way close to a 4406 , the other thing I have had that made that kind of noise was front bearings, I would run it on a lift maybe with Donos help and look for and listen to everything at that speed,oh and by front berrings I mean the ones in the tubes not the hubs,

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not cats, the drive shaft is a solid slip yoke. the bearing have been replaced. also, the trans mount is a poly that hasnt shown any break down as well.

just tried turning the rear drive shaft 180 degree's on the yoke. no difference.


For what its worth....
According to Ford, Driveline angles should be no more than 3 degrees.
Both ends should be within 1 degree of each other.
The angle has to be at least 1/2 degree minimum.

Anything new Tim?

Anything new Tim?

not yet. had to clean it on sat, and today was to crappy out to do anything

if i can figure out what shims i need, i will get them and try them

You know, you just might be on your way to solving the 4406 shake issue also.

Awesome explanation. I had no clue. Vibration cancellation is perfectly logical once explained.

oh. another thing i should mention. today i stopped at dono's for a fast visit. we both looked under his truck (that has a 4406 swap) and my truck. it was clear as day that the rear diff in his is nowhere near at a angle as mine. so greg, that video also is backing that up as well

A bit of a hyjak, but has anyone looked at the angles on the front of a 4406 to the front diff?

It's all good Tim. I just wasn't able to explain what I was getting at earlier. I wasn't giving up on it, so I searched articles, and watched videos until I found one that explained what I meant in a way that made sense.

Years back when I started having leaf packs made for my application, I learned that poop rolls more directions than down when we start changing things up. Cause and effect, collateral damage, and disturbances in the force happens when we play Dr Frankenstein. :D sells many diff 2.5" wide shims with a variety of angles to choose from.

i am going to call a local place (don, if you havent hear of it, its called standard spring. if they dont have the other is north end spring) tomorrow and see if they sell shims. also, a friend of mine (same one that did the track lock for me, and did don's transfer case) has access to a drive on, so i am going to take it there, and recheck all the angles.
also, when i get back from all ford nationals, i think i will also start checking what angles the front is, and possibly redoing my cross member as well

so i rechecked the angles again, and the diff is out 4 degrees from the transfer case. i called around and one place has shims. they are 2 1/2 or 3 inch vs. the 2 inch (i think thats what they are) wide springs we have. so i am going to run in tomorrow and get what i need, and hope its not crappy out so i can change them

Man im glad I waited to do the 4406 in my sport!

Tim, if its crappy, feel free to come over to my place.
No lift, but at least its dry and covered.

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here is the update. i flew into the city and picked up some shims, u bolts, and pins after work

(this is why i dont really like reusing u bolts)


these are the shims i got



the only thing i didnt like about these where they dont bolt to the leaf pack. so what i did was flip the pin so the threaded end and nut faced upward, and left enough of the pin to go up into my lowering block and i then put it all back together


tossed the wheels back on, and took it for a ride. i kept on thinking to myself "take it easy".....then i saw one of my buddies pull out with his 03 grand prix gtx and the "go easy" ended rather abruptly.....
so the results? NO MORE VIBRATION! *does the happy dance*
just to make sure, i took it for a ride down the highway. 100kms (60mph) still good. then i thought "well hell! im here now, lets see if its still ok at 160km (100mph). nope. nothing. so problem solved!!!
don, thanks for the offer of the garage. i wanted to get this done soon just incase that wasnt the problem. and greg, thanks for posting up that video. that did help out tons! now i can go to All Ford Nationals and not worry if evils going to rattle itself apart. i know don can back me up on how bad the vibration was.