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Will Ranger lift fit Explorer?


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August 22, 1999
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Okay, Now I know from past lifts that there are many things that are interchangeable between the explorer and ranger (91-94 explorer and same year up to 1997 in the ranger)
The largest susp lift for the Explorer is 6" and I am wanting to go 8" in susp (not using spacers on the 6")
Skyjacker has a 8" susp lift for the ford Ranger. The guy I use at 4wheelparts can order just the parts I need from this lift to make it work on the explorer. Here is what I am thinking:
8" drop brackets from Ranger lift
8" drop radius arm brackets from Ranger lift
dropped pitman arm from 8" Ranger lift
Ext radius arms from Explorer Lift
Spring over in the rear
Warrior Shackles in the rear

This should make the explorer sit even. Please tell me if these drop brackets are the same from explorer to ranger. Thanks

Yes, the front kits are thr same (I believe '93+ shared the Explorers 1.5" wider track), but I think the way the extended arms mount is different because of the Exs different frame. And of course the rear is different from Rangers to Explorers.


Okay here is what I will do then:

8" TTB drop brackets from Ranger
8" Coils from Ranger
6" radius arm drop brackets from Explorer
Extender Radius arms from Explorer
Dropped Pitman arm from Ranger
Spring over in rear
Warrior Shackles and add a leaf