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Will this XM Antenna work...


The X had to go!
April 5, 2004
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Buffalo, New York
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2006 Impala SS
I've been looking to buy a replacement XM antenna for my Pioneer XM tuner. It's the (older) 2-lead hookup - i guess now they've gone to a single lead. I found tons on eBay with the single lead, but to buy one and buy an adapter i'm looking at $60-70.

I found an older, NEW, delphi XM dual-lead antenna for about $30 shipped, but i'm not sure if it will work with the pioneer unit. I'm pretty sure all XM connectors were the same (i know they're the same color at least), but i was wondering if anyone knew for sure that the connectors are the same.

Unfortunately, b/c of the raised-roof setup and the way it meets the steel part of the roof edge, there's no way to wire to the unit w/o crimping the wires somewhere. This is why i've bought 3 terk glass mount antennas (to mount to my fiberglass roof) over the past 2 years. However, i've never paid more than $20 - i remember that i paid $4 + 12 shipping for the last one i bought - BOY - they got me by the balls this time around!