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XM Radio has arrived


April 19, 2001
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Myrtle Beach, SC
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'96 XLT
I just got my package from crutchfield. Pioneer FM modulated XM tuner and Terk antenna. I will be installing some time today. I will let you know how it goes. I am driving a borrowed X so I will just be doing a temporary install. I need to find a way to mount the antenna. The Terk has adhesive mounting pads but I don't want to have to scrap it off this X and then find a way to mount it on my X.

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what the monthly price on that??

9.99 a month. The signal (or at least around here, Clemson) are strong. I haven't decided how I am going to mount the antenna so I went driving around with the antenna sitting on the back seat and it had a clean signal 95% of the time.

I wonder if you can rig some sort of (1) magnetic mount like some old cell phone antennas or (2) build a mount that clips on the back window ( similar to the flag mounts that you see so many of these days.

Let us know and good luck....

You must drive around in your X alot to commit to paying 10 bucks a month to listen to the radio.

Somehow I don't think XM radio will catch on. The monthly fee turns most people off. If there was no cost to it, it would be flying off the shelves.

If that were true, how do you explain the sucess of Cable TV and Sat TV?

Other 5%?

Nozler, what happens during the other 5%?

It's not an apples-to-apples comparison to satellite TV. You can't get the programming on satellite TV from anywhere else. Contrast that with your car stereo, which contains many varied radio stations, along with your own custom programming via CD changers and MP3 players (that's YOU, aldive!).

I beg to differ, cable systems offer virtually the same as satalite tv.

I just got a new deck for my X, and spent some time looking at the XM ready decks. After about 2 weeks of looking through all the decks I decided against XM and got the Alpine CDM-7871. It has an angle display, 45 x 4 max power output, 4 V/10 k ohms as max sub output. It's a damn nice deck for $250. I took it over the XM radio just because the $250-350 for antenna equipment plus the $10/month just to listen to it isn't reasonable unless you live in rural Montana. how many stations will you actually use and listen too? I found 5 I would listen too, but since I am in college, I can't afford $10 a month for listening to 5-6hrs of the radio. I'll stick with my CD's and pocket the money.

XM radio has come around too late. With CD burning who really needs the radio that much?

Originally posted by STiCKS

XM radio has come around too late. With CD burning who really needs the radio that much?

that's how i feel too. i never listen to the radio. and i like being in control of my music.

but maybe the XM is good for a truck driver.

I havn't been getting an email notice for this thread. I thought you guys had forgotten about me. I went ahead and just mounted it with the adhesive pads. I sent Terk an email to ask how to remount it. There site boosts that it will come off cleanly if you lease. I assume they must have a way to remount it and don't ask you to just by another one.

The other 5%- It said no signal but you must remember that I just had the antenna laying on the back seat. Since I have mounted it on the roof, all three bars on the signal strength meter have stayed lit.

I do spend a lot of time in my explorer but not day to day. The drive home from college is long and boring. And when I am home, I do spend a lot of time driving day to day.

Originally posted by aldive
If that were true, how do you explain the sucess of Cable TV and Sat TV?

i hope youre not trying to compare cable tv to radio.