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Winch mount is done!

Uh oh. Lights are here.

6" 130W stainless :cool:


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I keep looking for those.... Where did you find?

4wheelparts. Ordered Monday. Here today. Fast.

They come with Only the lights?

Here's a crappy daylight cell-phone pic.

Ordered the shackles today. Along with same 6" Pro Comp 130 watt lights to build the bumper around. :cool:

Why did order shackles? :confused: Just go down to OSH and pick up a set:rolleyes: Cheaper too...

Why did order shackles? :confused: Just go down to OSH and pick up a set:rolleyes: Cheaper too...

Believe me, I tried. I have two OSH shackles sitting on the table right now. Problem is they have a 1" body with a 1.115" pin. Also, they're ginormous! I didn't want to drill my mounts out to a 1.115" hole, so after trying another local place (had the same exact shackles), I opted for ordering them. They were only $4 more each than the OSH ones.

Thats a kit they make for the super dooty. But look how much it makes the bumper stick out. A little hard to notice on that all black truck. I was looking into that same setup for my SD until I saw one in person.

Yeah, I did notice that the bumper was sticking out a bit far. But didn't think too much of it... I guess that explains it... Over-all though, it looks pretty good.

Shackles came today. It's offically done.


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No what he means is its done for now cauz we'll never see it on the trail for another year :)

I know how that is. All my buddies drives cars. Wish I had some wheeling buddies :(