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wiring two amps together


March 25, 2002
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Atlanta, Georgia
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1997 Eddie Bauer
i just bought a combonation of 3 audiobahn 12's in a box and i have them hooked up to my 400 watt RMS Sony Xplod 2165-GTX amplifier. The RMS of the subs total is 800 so i know that i need another amp hooked up to really power these subs. I was wondering if u had to have the same amp to hook them up together and if i should just get another Sony Xplod 2165-GTX amp so equal 800 RMS. Is it very complicated to wire two amps together or am i better off just getting one big amp. Im on a very limited budget so id like to just buy the sony amp for like 140.

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what audiobahn 12's? dual voice coil or single?

how many speaker wires are coming out the back of the box?

i found a site with your combo on it and it comes already prewired to a 1.5ohm load. Your going to want a mono amp stable at 1 ohm.

can i hook my sony xplod amp up for awhile until i can get enough money to get a better amp? its gonna take me like a month to save up to get a good enough amp for these subs and i cant last a month without any bass at all.

is it a mono amp?

its a two channel but it can be bridged

you will have to wire each sub separitly. Do you know if it is Tri-mode capible?

The subs are wired 4 ohms mono, meaning if you have a 2 channel amp, you can bridge it to 4 ohms mono, powering all 3 subs, according to audiobahns specs. You can only run one amp to it, unless you install 2 more wire terminals....(although I dont know how they get 4 ohms with the subs, unless they are dual 6 ohms each)