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Wood Dash kit by Wood Dash Experts

Does anyone make a wooden steering wheel cover or something?

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I just received a molded wood dash kit from Wood Dash Experts. It really looks great after installing it. I have attached pictures before and after. This is in a 2000 Eddie Bauer.


Does anyone know if this kit is still available?I looked all over wood dash experts page and could only find a 12 piece kit that used different dash pieces(flat not molded).Really like the look but prefer jerrym's 4 piece kit.Thanks for any help.:usa:

any news on the wood steering wheel?

Awesome job, :thumbsup: this is something I want to do in the future. I am glad you posted the link and information. Thanks!

I know this is an older post, but I'm interested in the kit installed by the OP since the rubber is flaking off my bezel and console. This kit appears to be unavailable everywhere I check, and the original website which sold the kit to the OP is webdark. It redirects to here:


They have dash kits, but none of them appear to be completely molded like the one in the pics at the beginning of this thread. The most expensive kits they carry, the "3d molded kits" have a molded radio bezel, but the rest of the kit is flat 2d. I received an email response from one of their sales team:

"Thank you for you interest in our products, we look forward to serving you.

The dash kit you are looking for #WD701C which unfortunately has radio bezel molded, all other pieces are just flat 2d. There is no dash kit which will be all molded like one on the picture you provided us with in stock.

Don't hesitate to contact me if any additional questions appear!"

This was for the $221 (3d) kit here: http://www.bitrimdatabase.com/FWDdi...7&make=FORD&model=EXPLORER&pt=WD701C&mode=wde

So, does anyone know if the kit the OP installed and shows in the pics is available anywhere? I've checked Ebay, the web, etc.

For those who are still looking for a wooden steering wheel, CarID does sell one:


Steering Wheels: http://www.carid.com/ford-explorer-steering-wheels/
Dash Kits:http://www.carid.com/1998-ford-explorer-4dr-dash-kits/bi-64732.html