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  1. D

    Bad Rear CV Axle Sounding Like A Bad Bearing?

    2008 Sport Trac XLT 2WD Have replaced both front bearings within the last year. About 2 weeks after replacing the front passenger bearing I started getting “the hum” again. I assumed I maybe had a dud so I replaced the newly installed bearing but the hum was still there. It has all of the...
  2. M

    Short grind noise in drive

    I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT. I get a very short metal grinding noise for a split second at exactly 13 miles per hour when accelerating. I hear it happen around the driver's side front tire and I can feel it in the brake pedal. It only happens ONCE per trip. It doesn't happen again...
  3. M

    2008 Exp Vibration/Noise???

    I have the 2008 Eddie Bauer with V8 4wd with just over 200k on it. I have a noise and vibration that gets worse the faster you go. I've had a mechanic look at it at least 3 times for it and has not found any wheel bearing bad, but this time he mentioned the front diff pinion bearing race might...
  4. E

    New wheel bearing failure

    I'm new here so first, Thanks for all of you and your coming answers. I have a 2004 explorer XLT 4x4. I have replaced the wheel bearing 1200 miles ago. I used a new bearing and spindle but used the old knuckle. today the grease started flinging out all over the inside of the wheel and the...
  5. D

    Clutch Pilot Bearing: Is there a sleeve? Where to get one?

    Alright. I've got a 93 Explorer Sport 4x4. My clutch started slipping. It got pretty bad pretty quickly, despite having the clutch replaced at the end of last year. I have concluded that the rear main seal probably failed and leaked oil onto my clutch. Either that, or the flywheel failed. Either...
  6. T

    Drive shaft Center Bearing

    So i've been noticing more and more vibration while driving at 45+mph speeds... even on brand new roads. went under the truck and found this at the center bearing on my drive shaft.... are these replaceable or what? other symptoms i am having are: Rough engaging of first gear from a slow coast...
  7. Mr_Fruffles

    Wheel Hub/Bearing Question

    Is it possible to buy a wheel hub and bearing already pressed or is that just not a thing? I cant seem to find one already pressed anywhere. Its for a 2004 explorer xlt btw
  8. M

    Suspension and Drivetrain woes 2003 XLT

    Hi all, I recently took my 03' XLT Explorer AWD to a CJ Tires location. This location has always been good to me and I never found fault with anything they've done until today. Here's the run down of what they said is wrong: Both front wheel bearings bad Both sway bar end links bad...
  9. R

    Auxiliary shaft bearings

    Anybody install auxiliary shaft (jackshaft) bearings with the engine still installed (and trans removed, of course)?? Are the front and rear bearings different on a 2002 4.0 sohc?
  10. 2

    A/c clutch replacement.

    I need to replace th clutch on my compressor soon as it grinds when it engages. From what I've seen, it involves removing the bolt and a ring to remove the bearing. Then you use a feeler gauge to set the correct space. Is that all there is to it? I've also found this kit from advanced auto...
  11. M

    Rattling when going over bumps

    Hi everyone! I am the proud owner of a 2003 Explorer xlt. I've been having a rattle issue lately in the front end when going over a certain type of bump. It seems it occurs after hitting the bump and the tires fall back to make contact with the ground. (In other words it usually only rattles...
  12. P

    Bad Bearing/ Hub Situation, Need advice- Will Disconnecting Driveshaft help for now?

    My first post here but I have been reading this forum for years and am very happy and grateful to see the Ford Explorer community is in fact so large and resourceful. I am in a bad situation and could use some advice from anyone who might have experienced what I am. My front hubs/CV joints...
  13. C

    2 wheel bearings-that's not it

    :salute:ok, we have the 2007 4x4 explorer. This thing has been one mystery after another but getting there. Had one wheel bearing done by pro and the $700 bill told my hubby, the other one, ill do myself! He put it in and all was well for about 2 days... Started to hear a whining esp after...
  14. F

    Noise while driving

    Hello everybody, this is my first post in explorerforum. I bought my 2002 Ford Explorer XLT (157k) 1 year ago. There is a noise coming from the back when I drive at any speed. The faster I go, the louder it gets. The noise feels like if a tire was flat and it was rubbing against the road...
  15. P

    Wheel bearing question. Not how, but why?

    I've seen many of the posts here re Explorers eating wheel bearings on a fairly regular and long term basis. . Mine hasn't had any go bad yet, but I do suspect one starting. When it does go, I will replace with a Timken or SKF. My real question is, why do they go bad? Is this a crappy...
  16. G

    Front End Noise Continued

    Hello again. Vehicle is 08 Explorer, 6 speed, 4wd. 68K. Started noticing a noise from front end which sounds like a bad bearing or knobby tires. Noise continues after: new front wheel bearings(replaced twice in 2K miles), new front half shafts, new tires, brakes, alignment. Car drives out very...
  17. G

    2008 EB Front End Noise

    Hello. I have an 08' EB 4.6L running the 6 speed and is 4x4. 66K miles. I have a whirring noise coming from the front end, while driving 55mph+, on a smooth road. I have a gift of being able to hear these noises, but not pinpoint them. I recently had both front bearings replaced. Tires are just...
  18. M

    Bearing/Different Issue - Bearing Noise at 30-50mph...

    I'm having issues with my 2002 Explorer 4WD 4.0L -- it started with a slight "humming" noise from the front end...can start to hear it at about 20 mph and gets really loud at 30-40 mph -- then seems to go away after about 50 mph. Here's what I have checked/replaced: 1. First, really thought...
  19. R

    melted gaskets/washers on ABS sensor?

    Hi all, Here's a unique issue on my '97 5.0, at least as far as I could find.... Been having problems with air in my brakes which I finally fixed by replacing the master cylinder. Unfortunately, while getting to the bottom of that issue, I had several incidents of having to slam my brakes...
  20. Sedition

    SOHC Camshaft Bearing End Cap Bolt Torque

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what torque to set the camshaft bearing end cap bolts to on the SOHC 4.0L V6?
  21. B

    rear repair bearing install ?

    I am replacing my rear wheel bearings with "repair bearings". The instructions say to install with the seal on the outside but it seems there is a seal on both sides of the bearing. Due to the built in o-ring that runs along the diameter, it seems the protruding seal faces inward...
  22. M

    High pitched noise at high speed.

    I have a 93 Ford Aerostar, going down the Freeway at anything over 55, I get a high pitched noise. I replace the front bearing on both side of the front axle. I am not sure however if it is the rear axle bearing or something in the differential. The noise does not change with coasting or...
  23. R

    Advice on front wheel bearing (hub) brands

    Hi Guys – new to the forum, but long time ST owner. I’ve concluded that the front wheel bearing on the pass side is bad, and I see it is an assembly – no way to change out just the bearing. Who has experience with the replacements from the Chain auto parts stores? Advance has two...
  24. R

    Wheel bearing issue.

    Noticed a loud noise on the passenger side rear tire when backing out of the driveway. The noise sounded like a stick was being dragged and the truck was driving rough and choppy. Almost like it was riding on the brake off and on. Stopped the truck and looked under the truck and didn't see...
  25. C

    Brake light blinks on and off during Accelleration

    My brake light blinks on and off real quick one time during acceleration when the truck has just been started?? I do have a sound coming from my drivers side. Sounds like a wheel bearing but I replaced that a yr. and a half ago?