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    Not sure if my water pump is failing hopefully I caught it soon

    So I was in the process of getting my tires changed on my Explorer and noticed an orange puddle under my engine on the passenger side. The people I was with said could be the water pump I panicked and drove home 4-5 miles away. Looked it up and called the dealership to get it inspected next day...
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    2023 Explorer Leak, Electrical Problem, and Overall Disappointment

    After waiting months to receive my 2023 Explorer due to the 360 Camera recall I finally signed the papers in October 2023. Not even 3 months later and I am having issues. I opened the driver door yesterday to a giant puddle of water in the footwell. No windows or anything were left open and I...
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    Leaky Transmission

    First time here, Looking for answers, hoping y'all can help.. 2016 Ford Explorer Limited approx 57K miles. So here's the deal.. Transmission is leaking. I noticed it when my wife pulled out of the garage today and there was a small spot of transmission fluid on the ground. I've attached a few...
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    Is this the water pump leaking? [pics]

    Trying to figure out if that is the water pump leaking coolant. Trying to get Old Blue back in shape! Used dye and a black light. Here's a link to the pictures Thanks!
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    HELP! Mysterious Coolant Leak From Transmission?

    Hello all! I’ve got a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6l V8 (3rd generation I believe), and have a coolant leak that I cannot source. It seems to be dripping down from the top of my transmission (closest to engine), both while the car is running and while not running. I am loosing enough coolant to the...
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    Coolant Leak on Front of Engine (2007 4.6L V8 Mountaineer)

    Hi everyone. Over the past few months I noticed a very small amount off coolant on my driveway when the vehicle cools down after a long drive. It was never a concerning amount and due to the vehicles age I was not too concerned. I monitored the reservoir and it never reached a low level...
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    Coolant leak! Where is it coming from?

    Hey everyone. I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac 4X4. So I've been having radiator issues and the like for a while. First it was just a leaky upper hose but now I'm losing tons of coolant from somewhat near the front of the engine. I can actually see it dripping but I can't see the source. I'll...
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    Solved Help needed for identifying a vacuum hose on the throtte body.

    Howdy! I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport. Currently, it has a check engine light for P0171 and P0174, stating that it's running lean. I used a smoke tester and found a substantial leak-- one of the hoses is ripped apart. While running, moving the hose causes the idle to fluctuate, and a lot of...
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    AC Leak

    I have a leak in the AC... added dye, but cannot find anything under the hood...however I did notice my transmission and front driveshaft was glowing green. Is this the evaporator leaking down through? the dash?
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    Hissing sound after engine is shut off

    2006 eb v8 ex. Usually after a good drive when I shut my engine off it makes a hissing sound almost like something depressurizing, I listened to it with the hood popped and it sounds like it's coming from the ac area on the passenger side, I've noticed that there will be random leaks, there's...
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    Coolant Leak Help

    1999 Ford Explorer LTS 4WD, 4.0 L V6 SOHC. Long story: engine overheated, white steam from the hood. Got it home, and saw a bunch of residue by the upper radiator hose (next to that metal bracket thing that connects both upper radiator hoses: radiator to pipe and pipe to engine). Took them off...
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    2004 Leak

    Alright so, my 2004 is leaking coolant right below the rear passenger door and it looks like its coming from a black bracket that I can't see how to remove, or replace. Is rerouting the rear coolant lines back to the front and option? Or what should I do
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    PTU Leak/Safety Issue

    Okay, so this needs to be put out in the open and something needs to be done. I am getting the run around from Ford, and they're "unaware" of any problems. We all know that the PTU seal on multiple Ford models from the last decade are faulty and can cause a potential safety issue. Yes, I'm a...
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    2003 V8 4WD leaking transmission fluid after towed

    This is my favorite car I’ve ever owned. Yesterday, the starter went out (I think) because it wouldn’t crank or anything. (Tried jumping, swapping relays, no luck) So I called AAA to have them tow it to my house at lunch today, where I could jack it up and replace / troubleshoot the starter...
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    Disappearing Windshield Washer Fluid

    My washer fluid will stay full for a few days, then seemingly immediately go empty. A little is left in the bottom of the reservoir, but not enough for the pumps to get it. Is there a common breaking/leaking point on these Explorers? There is not visible leaks and nothing comes out the bottom...
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    Minor Coolant Leak - help ID this part?

    Howdy ya'll, My 1996 Explorer 4.0 XLT has a minor coolant leak coming from the passenger side of the engine compartment. I have looked on numerous parts sites and diagrams and I can't find the part number/name where it's leaking from. I've searched through other coolant leak threads here on...
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    Help with A/C

    The A/C system has been down on my 03 Explorer XLT for about 2 years now. Last year I used UV dye to no avail in an attempt to find a leak, I could not find one. It will hold a charge but slowly get less cold and then blow warm. What else could cause this? Thanks
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    2015 Sport - PTU problems

    I took my Explorer in about 1 year ago with a noise underneath when in reverse. Dealership determined PTU issue and fixed. It was still under warranty/ess than 60k. This past week, the vehicle started the same noise, again (now at 89K). Plus, a really bad odor and leaking a fluid (which I forgot...
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    Rear differental seal leaking after fluid change?

    I just changed my rear differental fluid I took it for a spin and when I got home the differental cover wasn't leaking neither was the fill plug but it was actually the pinion seal or what looks to be. My first thought was the breather tube was clogged so I took it off and tried to put some...
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    Rear main seal leak additive?

    I noticed by rear main seal was leaking is there a additive you guys can recommend? It's not leaking like crazy but it's noticeable no drops on the driveway yet so hopefully still fixable. Something that will really work I know I should replace the rear main that's the only true way to fix it...
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    99 5.0 Intake Vacuum Diagram

    I just finished digging down to put in new intake manifold gasket and replace some cracked vacuum hoses. Fire it up and will not run. I found that I have left a vacuum line open but have no clue what goes to it. Really don't want to yank this intake again! Does anybody have a good...
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    Front Differential cover gasket leak

    All right I just Installed a 2" lift, no problems. But when I jacked it back up the next day to change the tie rod ends I noticed that I had oil POURING out of my front differential. I used the jack points I've always used and had the jack stands in the same place. I'm trying to figure out A...
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    Never seen a rear main like this one before...

    So while putting timing chains in my 4.0 SOHC I got to the point of every 4.0 when you install a new rear main because it seems like these things go every 100k miles. But when I did I ran into this seal and it looks nothing like the others I've seen. It's got the metal thing around the crank...
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    Looking for tips on fixing front differential seal leak

    Hey all, My front differential started leaking from the RF seal where the axle meets the differential about 2 months back. I've been keeping it topped off, but it's kind of an annoying issue I'm hoping to tackle before winter comes. Tore it down with a buddy the other weekend and got all the...
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    What is leaking?

    Can anyone help me figure out what is leaking? I'll embed a video so you can see what I see. I noticed a slow "oil" leak for some time now, but cannot figure out what needs replacing. Thoughts?