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Solved Help needed for identifying a vacuum hose on the throtte body.

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October 31, 2019
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2000 Ford Explorer Sport
Howdy! I have a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport. Currently, it has a check engine light for P0171 and P0174, stating that it's running lean. I used a smoke tester and found a substantial leak-- one of the hoses is ripped apart. While running, moving the hose causes the idle to fluctuate, and a lot of air is leaking out. The problem is, I can't seem to figure out what this hose is. It sits on the driver side of the throttle body right below the TPS, and runs down into the driver side toward the radiator. I've attached a pic. What is this hose? What does it do? And would this be a significant enough vacuum leak to cause lean codes? Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Yes that would be enough to cause lean codes.

Might go to the vac canister. IIRC on my '98 it's a ball shaped plastic blob fastened to the passenger side wheel well liner but on an '00 sport, maybe they switched it over to the left side? I'm just not coming up with anything else vac operated that would be going that direction.

Regardless you have two options. Either cut out the rotten part and splice in a new piece of tubing, or follow it to its destination so you can disconnect the other end and replace the whole thing.

Most auto parts stores sell bulk vac tubing by the foot.

JC was close. It's an EVAP hose that goes to a valve underneath the battery area. It's about 2 feet long
and easily deteriorates from underhood heat. You can replace it with emissions hose, or do like I did
and use 3/8" fuel line hose.

When handled, the old hose will turn your hands very black. The OEM hoses weren't very durable at all...

2000 Sports rule!!!

Huge thanks to the replies! I'm gonna replace that hose and see what happens, I'll update soon!

Well, that fixed the problem! Fuel trims looking good. Thanks for the help y'all!

Glad you got it fixed.
Enjoy your 2000 Sport!