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    2016 Model with 2.3 EcoBoost - Is there a MAF sensor?

    Hi All Hopefully someone here can clear this up. We have a 2016 Explorer with the 2.3 liter EB engine. I don't know what the trim of the vehicle is unfortunately but its pretty basic. 6 speed AT and electronic waste-gate on the turbo. Am I right in thinking these engines DONT have a MAF...
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    1994 Explorer randomly died on the highway 5 CEL codes

    it started briefly and was able to get it parked at a gas station. I’m having some issues with my 94 explorer, I was driving down the highway and the engine started to miss a bit. Kept driving and the engine completely lost power, was running on 2 cylinders at most. I pulled over and started...
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    Solved Power loss solved.

    So I was having some issues with my 93 explorer egr.felt like it was stumbling or dragging.loss of power.honestly I thought the exhaust was choked up or fuel pump was going.i started with the air filter and throttle body.air filter was dirty as hell but looked ok will replace.cleaned the...
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    Victorville, CA..........Hi Listed my short horror story in Profile. :help::help::help::help:
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    93 Explorer surge at 45...another MAF??

    Hi guys. Hey I had an issue last week coming home from a fishing trip up to the lake. Almost home and the engine started to surge at...from what I around 45 mph. Freaked me out as I was towing a John boat and didn't want to have a breakdown. I've had her sitting until I got info...
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    OBD Codes 124,157,158,172,176,177,186,543

    Hi Friends, I'm brand new to this forum and to doing any significant maintenance myself. Please forgive my ignorance if it jumps up in the middle of a nice dinner and parades around the room yelling obscenities. I started having power issues driving old faithful across the west. Occasionally I...
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    2001 Explorer Bad Vibration

    I have a 2001 XLT with a 4.0 V6 SOHC and it has developed a pretty bad vibration when accelerating. I bought the truck in December of 2016 and the only issues with it were the thermostat being stuck open and the 4X4 lights were flashing. Well I disconnected the battery and got the 4X4 lights...
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    Hi there.

    Hi to all. I just joined but i have already benefitted from the experience of the group. I have a 93 Ranger Splash 4.0 and i'm lovin it. It did run a little strange at first. I pulled codes 186 and 187. Thanks to Sparky2263 and his MAF Bulletin post, I cleaned the MAF sensor and voila! Its got...
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    High MAF Reference Voltage

    I've got a 5.9V on the MAF harness (unplugged and KOEO) where it should be my 5V Reference. Do I have a problem here? If so, does anyone have any tips for tracking this sucker down? Let me know. :) I'm having serious drivability issues, so I'm trying to narrow down the issue. Shoutout to...
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    Check Engine Light

    I have installed an aftermarket Spectre Air Intake on my 07 ST 4.0. I've gotten the check engine light and am wondering what I can do to remove it. Here's what I have. I bought the cone, tube, and everything else separately. The Spectre intake tube wasn't really designed for the ST so I had to...
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    Engine shutters at stop after heavy acceleration

    I have a 2003 Explorer, with the 4.6 V8. When driving a steady pace, all is well. But when I get on it to pass someone, or put the truck in passing gear, and then I come to a complete stop at a light or whatnot, the truck's RPM's get so low that the truck shakes pretty hard for a few seconds...
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    Truck wont start or will not stay running!

    Ok so our 2004 Ex was running on Saturday, didn't go anywhere Sunday and when we went to start it Monday morning it started but then quickly shut down... wouldn't start after that. it does turn over so battery and starter are good... we actually killed a battery trying to start it so we...
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    Potential MAF / O2 sensor issue

    Hi all, (Pls forgive me if this is answered in another thread. I wasn't able to locate anything with a search.) I have a 2000 XLT 4.0 SOHC, 209,000 km. I've had it for eight years and since 60,000km. It's always idled pretty rough, with a vibration that seems to come and go. Last winter in a...
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    2000 Explorer 4.0 SOHC spark plug gap

    I have a 2000 Explorer XT with Yamaha 4.0L SOHC. Since purchase, I have modified the exhaust-- MaxFlow Muffler with 2 1/2" pipe from the muffler aft. I also added K&N filter for max inflow. Performance in terms of mpg and acceleration were vastly improved. Earlier in its mileage, I would get...
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    Intermittent RPM Increase in OD, Cruise set @ 55 MPH(Symptoms & Fix)

    I have been using the Forums for a couple of years now, just hiding in the Shadows and getting what I need to carry out the little chores that come up with any older used Vehicle, in this case it started with a 91 ranger(wrecked) and was replaced by a 1994 Explorer XLT... Wanted to say Thanks...
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    CEL multiple codes, multiple symptoms, one fix

    So, I haven't posted in this forum just yet. Thought I would take the time and offer up a quick fix to several annoying symptoms. I bought a 94 XLT in November 2012. The truck ran well, but pinged real hard as is common in this vehicle. Symptoms began when I moved from the Bay Area to...
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    97 5.0 won't rev and dies. plz help

    hey guys first read bare with me I have a 97 Ford Explorer 5.0 it refuses to rev past 3500 rpms when in drive it seems like it just loads up and will not go any more. if the truck has less than a 1/4 tank of gas and it is on a slight decline(facing downhill) it takes forever to start it will...
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    2002 Idle Problem and 4 Codes

    My 2002 Explorer Sport XLT 4x4 4.0L has developed an idle problem. It starts fine when cold and after a five minute warm up it begins to idle up and down and then eventually stalls. It can be driven but acts the same when my foot is off the accelerator pedal. Previously, the check engine light...
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    RPM Drop

    I'm having an issue and I'm lost for ideas. I own a 2008 Explorer XLT 4.0l V6 with 70k on it. Had the transmission replaced under warranty with a rebuilt unit around 63k. Now when I start the car the RPMs jump up to 2k RPMs for about 30 seconds then back down to 600-800. Then as I come to a...
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    MAF and Throttle body swap on 4.0 OHV

    Wanting to find out what LARGER MAF and Throttle bodies will work on my 92 4.0 explorer. I searched around and from what i found, the 5.0 throttle body will NOT fit correct? i have a custom 3'' intake, custom exhaust, and im just looking to up my mpgs and performance with little stuff here and there
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    Limp Home when hot...please HELP!!

    My 93 explorer runs great while cold. Worse when warm, and almost like a limp home mode when it reaches normal op temp. There are no codes, no light, even though it does work.These things I have already checked/cleaned/replaced...etc Thermostat MAF TPS COIL Fuel pressure plugs vacuum...
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    Engine worse after cleaning MAF?

    So a few days ago I decided to finally clean my MAF which as far as I remember had never been cleaned. So I removed it and of course, it was completely covered in grime. Cleaned it with some CRC MAF cleaner and the check engine light went away. It came back that same night so I removed it and...
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    Engine trouble on 1991 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    Hello all. I recently bought a ´91 Explorer, and I am having some problems with the engine. First off, when cold it can take a while to get it started .. it never takes less than 3 tries and sometimes well over 10 tries. The other thing is that sometimes when accelerating from a stop the...
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    high idle!!!

    im new here bout my 93 sport bout two weeks ago i got something going on with the rpms i start it and it sticks at 3000 rpms and stay there i unplug the MAF and it drops some but stays up higher then normal ive heard vac lines and IAC but i would like a second opinion cause if i can do it my...