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  1. K

    factory alarm going off while charging battery

    Hi there, I inherited a 2004 4.0 XLT when my dad passed, that does not run. When trying to get in into neutral to load on the trailer to haul home, the alarm was going off while connected to another vehicle, but I was able to lock the doors from the inside and disengage it long enough to get the...
  2. B

    Another Explorer with transmissions issues - I think!

    Hey all, I have a '94 4X4 with the A4 in it. It has started to give me some sort of transmission issue, and I'm prepping for a new one. I was at a stop light yesterday (following a friend to the mechanic, ironically) and as I started to let it creep forward in drive, it felt like I hit the...
  3. R

    Rolling very slowly in park on hills

    When I'm in park on any bit of a hill my truck is rolling very slowly, whether I'm facing up or downhill does not matter. It is an 01 explorer 5.0---I currently have the front driveline out but I don't see why that would change anything. it is not clicking or making any noise, not jerking or...
  4. J

    99 Explorer Auto Shift lever problems

    Last Friday on the way home from work I noticed my shift lever was extremely hard to use but I didn't have any issues other than that. Yesterday I go to leave for work and now it wont start. I knew it wasn't a battery issue but I left in my wifes car as I suspected the shift lever to be the...
  5. J

    Shift to Park Warning

    Shift to Park Warning keeps coming on Out of about 12 trips daily in my 2011 Explorer Limited 19K, at least 3 or 4 times each day I started getting the message "Shift to Park" along with a warning chime after pushing the lever to the park position and turning off the key. I have to move the...
  6. N

    back fire and hole in muffler,

    my truck idles fine in park but backfires when i shift into drive, theres a large hole in the muffler, if i replace the muffler will the backfire stop? does a large hole in the muffler create a popping or backfire sound?
  7. S

    Cannot Shift Out Of Park - Options?

    I'm having some problems shifting out of park (TSB-07-12-9) on my 2007 XLT Sport Trac. I have a few weeks left on the drive-train warranty but the Ford dealership in town says it won't be covered. Over the phone the people at the dealership have been dicks. They told me it would take an hour...
  8. J

    Truck wont allow me to shift to reverse or park

    my gf has a 1998 ford explorer with around 180,000 miles on it. the tranmission has always shifted roughly, but recently i have lost the ability to shift the car into park when i get home. I was able to go to reverse until today. I have to start the truck in neutral and push it backwards to get...
  9. B

    Gear shift problem lots of play no park

    I have 2001 mountaineer that drives like a dream. The other day I get in to find the shifter on the column has alot of play. I'm having trouble getting into park and 1. After a week of this it gets progressively worse. I can't get into park or 1 at all. I can put it into where park is and get my...
  10. G

    Rough Idle when my fan, A/C or Heat is on...

    I was hopeing to get an idea of what may be going on with my truck. If I have my truck in park without the fan, A/C or heat on it idels pretty good, but if I turn on any of those it makes a click sound under the hood and idles down really low almost to stalling, it then shortly after (a few...