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  1. M

    1995 Ranger & 2005 Eddie Bauer Explorer

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum, and grateful to be here! I have a 1995 Ranger XLT SuperCab, Styleside. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. This week, I bought my dream Ford: 2006 Eddie Bauer Explorer! Today, I got a $1700 bill for maintenance. I'm OK with the bill, except...
  2. R

    newby ranger front diff question TOO!

    Hello everyone. I just picked up a clean 2000 ford ranger xlt 4wd. Love the truck, but i am fighting a growling/grindingnoise in front end. This is one of many forums i have joined since i got the truck. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. My truck has the live axles and its...
  3. R

    2002 explorer seat swap

    Hey guys quick question about the front seats. I use my 02 Explorer to deliver mail and as of right now I have been sitting on some foam and a pillow that are stuffed where the center console was once located. It has done the job so far, but its getting a little wore out and so heres my...
  4. A

    97 ranger 2.3 Getting worse instead of better

    Ok, I apologize in advance for the lengthy post but we have tried a lot of suggested fixes but things have snowballed and I could use some advice. Bought a used 97 ranger 2.3 for my son. 109k. Standard transmission. Ran well for a few days and then got a check engine light. Code reader said...
  5. moddbox

    How to: Ranger 4.0L SOHC Supercharger Kit Install

    I posted this on the explorer side and realized that there aren't any Ranger guys chiming in... so I decided to post it here too for all my fellow Ranger drivers :) So here it is... the most complete HOW TO for supercharging your 4.0L Ranger! If you obtain a Moddbox Installation kit and any...
  6. moddbox

    4.0 SOHC Supercharger Kit - 02-05 Sport Tracs/2dr Sports

    Ok. So there are alot of great "how to" guides on here... but I haven't seen a complete and thorough "how to" supercharger install for the 4.0L SOHC engine (specifically for Ford Ranger/2dr Explorer/Sport Trac & B4000). So... here it goes. If you obtain a Moddbox Installation kit and any...
  7. moddbox

    SUPERCHARGER KIT - Ranger Explorer B4000 Sport Trac - On Sale Now!

    SUPERCHARGER INSTALLATION KITS STARTING AT $2000 Includes fuel system upgrades, plenums, bypass valve, etc... 100% complete bolt-on kit. Click here: moddbox.com
  8. K

    Want to start upgrading my '03 2.3L Ranger

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, so hello everyone. So, I have a 2003 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L w/ 130k miles. I love this truck, bought it new, got me through many years of grad school. Any now that I have the time and funds to really help bring her back up to speed. I am currently just doing a lot...
  9. R

    Ford Ranger for Quad

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a ford ranger. I'd preferably want a somewhat pre runner one. I'm 16 so tight on money. I had an explorer until someone had smashed into the side of my truck. I do have a Suzuki Z400 I wan't to trade for the ranger. Its pretty much stock. It does have a White Bros...
  10. D

    02 Ranger w/3.0 Misfires

    02 Ranger misfires on #2 and #4 cylinders. 3.0 V6. Where should I start?
  11. B

    1997 Ranger Starting Issues and Power Loss

    Hi guys, this is my first post here as I've run out of hope with this dang truck. It's a 1997 Ford Ranger, 2.3 liter 4 cyl standard. I've been using this truck as a daily driver for over a year now. The other day I jumped into my truck, everything ran fine, ran to the store and came home. The...
  12. 2

    My 2006 Ranger = No tail lights and no rear turn signals

    Hello, I just bought a 2006 ranger and I dont know to much about the history of the truck.What I do know is that my girlfriend got pulled over last night because the rear turn signals and rear brake lights dont work.So I want to get this fixed asap:thumbsup:. I checked the sockets in the...
  13. K

    I NEED HELP-first ranger project

    i have a 93 ranger XL with a 3.0/V6, its a 5 speed, and has 255,000 km on it.. im plannin on putting a 2" body lift on it, and putting it on 31's then instaling a snorkel, brush gards, and eventualy a 3" susspension lift... any advice or tips?
  14. T

    01 Ranger Transmission casualty

    First a happy belated birthday to Glacier and a thanks in advance for whatever light one can shed on my ignorance/lack of funds. While driving at approximately 35 mph yesterday my truck missed its' shift into..."3rd" I suppose and was totally slipping. I didn't race the engine wide open, I...
  15. B

    Explorer body swap

    What if I came across a good used ford ranger for a great price with same/or similar transmission/engine setup(possibly four wheel drive) and just put my 2wd explorer body on top of it, what would I have to do, is there any modifications I would have to make? I know that they share the same...
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  17. N

    HELP! possible bad torque converter

    Hi, I own a 2000 Ranger XLT 4.0 V6. The truck currently has 122k on it and just recently about 2k miles ago the o/d light started flashing and the truck began to shift really sloppy between 1st and 2nd gear. I then clicked the o/d button off (when starting the truck before driving), in order to...
  18. K

    Info or parts

    95 Ranger right (passenger) side seat recliner handle broken
  19. G

    Low compression turbo in my ranger?

    I was thinking about putting a low compression turbo in my 2001 ranger 2.5L 4cyl. I have also thought about swapping out my motor to any 6 cylinder that will fit. I currently have 33" tires and a stock differential. While I'm at it, what is the best way to increase my track width for not that...
  20. P

    Hello from pw2buz

    I joined the forum a few days ago. My ride is a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT, 3.0 liter V-6, AT, 264,000+ miles. I bought it used in 1998, 122,000 miles. The only modification I've made was to install a Rostra cruise control. ...and a minor modification to the driver's seat back cover...
  21. B

    New to a '96 Ranger

    Hello, I have recently acquired a '96 Ranger and I'm looking for advice/help on how to build/adapt/customize/make awesome my little truck for off roading. I'm thinking more trail than rock crawling or mudding. Something that'll support me as I look to spend more time outdoors, whether...
  22. 6

    fob died, how do i turn off alarm if i open door with key?

    So I have a 2003 Ranger. The FOB apprears to have died. The lights were left on, so I want to open the truck using the key. In the past opening with the key sets off the alarm. I bought it used and it didn't have a owners manual. I am pretty sure it is a factory alarm. It has the red flashing...
  23. K

    Runs great cold

    :can:Hi there, I need some advice what to try next. I have an '86 Ranger Frankentruck 2.9L 4x4 and I am lost as to what to try next. It runs fantastic cold, lots of pedal great accel. and the like. When it hits operating temp it feels like you are running of of gas - it hammers and coughs and...
  24. R

    ranger starting trouble!

    2001 Ford Ranger having trouble starting... Sometimes. Battery has been tested and is good.The sound I get when I turn key is 'click', the lights and the radio work. Usually if I jiggle to negative terminal it starts right up. Sounds like a short but not sure how to start the troubleshooting...
  25. T

    New to site need help

    Hey I have a 1997 ford ranger ext cab 4.0 auto and for the last couple weeks have been having problems. My truck is real rough accelerating and cutting out but not bad enough to where I can't drive it and some times it doesn't seem to do it at all for a couple minutes but will then do it again...