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spark plug

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    20 Explorer 2.3l P0304 misfire

    Need advice: I do have cylinder 4 misfire issue after I changed the spark plugs on my 2020 Ford Explorer limited 2WD 2.3L FI Turbo DOHC 4cyl . I tried to change the spark plug with the new one, and it didn't solve the problem. I tried to swap the coils, and the problem didn't solve it. I kept...
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    Replacement Spark Plugs for a 2015 Limited?

    Hi All - I’ve seen quite a few posts about spark plugs/wires but none for my model family. I tend not to trust the store sites with their suggestions because they look to lean on whatever they have too much of in stock. Anyone have suggestions for what plugs to use as replacements? Thanks as...
  3. R

    2014 Explorer Sport Ignition Issues & Water Pump Service

    Hi All, I’m having some serious troubleshooting issues. I have 2014 Explorer Sport with 107,000 mi. May 2021 at the 100,000 service a leaking water pump was discovered. The water pump was replaced along with the valve cover gasket, and spark plugs by a local service shop, not dealer. Since then...
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    Spark plug hole

    I recently changed the spark plugs on my 04 explorer v6 . I noticed the old spark plugs had i lot of rust corrosion on them. When putting in the new sparkplugs it felt like rust was inside the hole too because they felt really hard to screw in. Is there a way to clean the hole where the spark...
  5. G

    Stripped Spark Plug Threads?

    I see some posts already pertaining to this issue...hopefully I can get some help with my exact situation. So, I was replacing the plugs and wires (@123k mi) the other day and only had time to do the driver's side at the moment. I suspect the factory originals were in there (corroded as hell and...
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    New to me

    I have purchased a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 and am doing some work on my own. I’ve already given her an oil change, cleaned the air filter (which had seeds in it, from a mouse or squirrel), and cleaned the maf sensor. Honestly, this is my FIRST vehicle, bought with my own money, and put under...
  7. M

    1999 4.0 E sohc Spark plug socket issue

    Hello, I am having serious issues with my ford explorer, I have had 3 different mechanics look at this thing, and what im being told is that cylinder 1, 2 ,3 are misfiring, when i first started changing my plugs i had trouble removing the middle plug on the passenger side of the car i went under...
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    Need Help: How to remove the upper intercooler piping?

    Hi guys and gals! Trying to get some help from the community on how to remove the upper IC piping so I can replace the plugs on my 2015 Sport. The IC pipe runs from the rear turbo, up over the motor/intake manifold, parallel to the intake piping. After taking a look, this doesn't look like a...
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    2005 spark plugs and ignition coils

    hello I need to replace my spark plugs and ignition coils as it is past their time. Is there anything information I should take into consideration when doing this job. I know that ther is a spark plug removal tool that is used when removing them from some engines. From what I have read on the...
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    Jerking when under 1000 RPM

    Whenever I slow down and the rpm is under 1000, no pedals being pressed, the RPMs start to go up and down and at sometimes can hit close to 0 and the car feels like its jittering. At higher speed, the RPMs are normal and have no problem driving. I have a 2015 PIU with 120k miles. Do any of these...
  11. B

    Correct Spark Plug Gap?

    2000 Explorer 4-Door 2WD 4.0 SOHC. What's the correct spark plug gap? Thanks!
  12. P

    Misfire safety

    So heading home from work today I got a check engine light and pulled into the local auto parts store and had it ran. Code was P0303 which is cylinder 3 misfire. Already had plugs and wires ordered for routine maitanence but won’t be here until the 10th. Issue is I need it to drive to work each...
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    Need advice on 2006 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4WD

    A few months ago my Explorer started hesitating at 45-50 mph. Below or above that it cruised fine. I took it to F last month to get it checked out when it seemed to get worse (hesitating more at lower speeds, especially uphill). They said it was the transmission. I took it to my transmission...
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    So did i total my buddy's rig with a spark plug? Let's find out (warning: Cologne V6)

    Not a good buddy, rather a decent acquaintance. had me attempt to do plugs n' wires on his '01 explorer. With not insignificant effort, rusty motorcraft plugs, that likely ain't seen the light of day since clinton, and burned solid plug wires, were extracted with severe prejudice. To make an...
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    Engine shake

    Back again with yet another question that's probably been answered. 1997 Explorer E.B. V8 AWD has obtained a noticeable engine shake to it. I noticed it a few weeks ago while working on installing a new stereo. I had it idling and everything was running smooth then all of sudden it started...
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    Tune up for 4.0l Adrenalin

    I am wanting to tune up my 2010 4.0 Adrenalin before I hit the rode in a month or so. It just turned 70k and i was wanting to change the spark plugs and maybe get a screamin demon coil while i am at it. What spark plugs does everyone recommend? :)
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    Spark Plugs

    whats up. I'm such a idiot at spark plugs but i just ordered e3 spark plugs for my 2000 explorer. the thing is i don't know what spark plug wires i should get for them. anyone have a good recommendation? plus the size of the spark plug wire to fit the spark plugs. here are the specs of the...
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    04 Explorer 4.6L Spark Plug Woes

    I have an '04 Explorer with the 4.6L V8 with 130K miles. Due to the milage, I decided it is time for a tunes up so as I was changing spark plugs, one of them (Cylinder no. 8) broke off in the head. No, not the ceramic breaking off and leaving the body. The body of the spark plug. The ceramic...
  19. C

    Weird Spark Plug Break - not the usual kind

    On the 4.6 3v anyone ever run into the threads and hex piece breaking off, but everything else staying intact? Man I went 5/8 in changing plugs (73k miles). One broke the usual way and I got it out with the Lisle tool, but two look like they got undressed for the evening and took off their...
  20. L

    Massive surging issue

    Hey all, I'm getting some crazy surge-like behavior from my new (~1500 miles) 2014 Explorer Sport. It feels like I'm hitting a rev limiter, and unlike anything I've read about on here. Other surging issues on here seem to deal with loss of power, and usually at a high speed/rpm. This is not...
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    4.6L Plug Change

    Since there isn't a ton of information on the site about this, I thought I would add more info on the spark plug change thing for the 3 valve. Truck: 2008 (?/2007 - before the change at factory for whatever revision was made - had black coil boots). 92k miles. Prep: This wasn't covered...
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    2001 B3000 / Ranger Spark Plug Wire Replacement Video

    Hey guys, This is my newest video that will show you how to change the plug wires on our trucks! The worst part are those loom wire holders! Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube (it helps me out, thanks)***
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    4.6L spark plug problems

    Hey whats going on guys,I kinda ran into a bad situation.I own a 06 mountaineer with the 4.6l v8. Its my daily driver to get back and forth to work. As of most of you already know that changing the spark plugs are a hassle. Well last night cly 8 started misfiring on me. I pulled the coil out...
  24. O

    My Spark Plug Endeavor

    Good Lord, when did installing spark plugs become such a miserable task? I must admit, even if I had known about this issue beforehand, I still would have made this Explorer purchase. It ain't a deal breaker, but still sucks. The following items now on order. Prices include shipping &...
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    Spark Plugs: Platinum vs. Copper

    I will be replacing my spark plugs on my 2001 Explorer Sport (4.0 L - SOHC). The guy at Auto Zone say's to use the more expensive platinum plug's since that’s what came from the factory. Makes sense... BUT, can I use the less expensive copper plugs? Will performance be lost? Any advice would be...