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1996 4dr v8 swap successful


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July 14, 2008
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prince george, british columbia
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96 xl
Hi I'm sorry that there are no pictures

Started with 96 v6 ohv auto 4x4
Now complete
97 explorer 5.0
97 4r70w transmission
Manual shift 4406 tcase from 98 f150 with vss in tcase
V8 motor mounts
New v8 dumps w cats from magnaflow
V8 power steering cooler
V8 computer with harness that connects computer to engine and to body
How I did it

Installed motor mounts and tried to get them closer to drivers side
Swapped the power steering cooler
Lowered transmission into place through engine bay
Dropped engine in (like a glove took 5 minutes)
Slid trans forward and bolted up
Removed the gas tank. Beat the crap out of floor
Installed trans mount
Fought with transfer case
Re installed gas tank
Expiditon 5.4 rear driveshaft
Installed exhaust dumps
Front 4.6 auto f150 shaft wih conversion ujoints
Installed wiring for computer and engine
Got in started it up and laid a fat patch in from of my house

I hope some ofthis is helpful to others
Only things left to do is make clearance at the axle disconnect and some minor wiring for dashlights
Re used the alternator harness from v6 as pinouts were different where hey connected to the plug on fender
I didn't bother with the ac
Installed the v6 temperature sender for dash and modified the connector to clip on to the stud
Installed twin electric fan from a 2000 style merc cougar in from of he v6 rad in place of condenser
Did plumbing and filled fluids

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Wow.. short and sweet. I'm going to dig up this old thread because I'm having problems with clearance for the axle disconnect at the corner of the 5.0 oil pan. How did you make clearance for it as you stated you did briefly?

do u got pics of ur explorer with the v8 and u get any sound clips

I have a sound clip in my signature



For the axle disconnect I ended up shimming the pass side mount with a couple fat fender washers, to get the height, elongated holes in mount plates to shim engine over to drivers side, I elongated the holes in the trans mount to shift tail shaft of tcase to pass side, and elongated the holes to drop the diff down, my clearance is still minimal but there is no contact and I used brand new motor mounts to eliminate squish in the rubber.