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Is it possible to swap V6 to V8??

Hey guys,

I got my '97 Explorer xlt from my aunt on my graduation day.. I love it, but I am not exactly in love with my V6 4.0 engine, it's not powerful and slow.. I even tried to race with Grand Cherokee with V8 (my best friend's) and he whupped my ass.. :rolleyes: So I'm wondering if it's possible to buy new V8 engine and put it in my 97? Thanks..
I've raced a friends 99 cherokee in my V6 SOHC and ran pretty even with him, then passed him in 3rd. Might have a dud?:p:

true but im still paying the ****ter off at the moment and owe a lot more then that and because i do owe its under finance a quick transfer would be good also does the v8 explorer have a plastic manifold?

No offense man, but if you owe that much, sell the explorer, buy an old honda, and pay everything off... You will be amazed how much easier it is to save up money for things you want to do if you don't have a bunch of monthly payments to make on everything else before hand.