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2004 ST Paint.

I have an 04 ST in oxford white. I love my truck and have had no problems with it so far except for the paint. 1 week after the warrenty expired I noticed the paint was peeling from the runners on the top. Of course ford said to bad so sad, so I had it painted locally and now 1 year later that is peeling. to make matters worse I was doing some summer detailing and noticed there was paint peeling from most of the trim and almost all of the areas where the body panels meet.

The strangest part is that the primer is solid its almost like painting water over oil.

has anyone else had this problem and if so what was the fix?


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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread to the body work & detailing section.

I would take it to the shop that did the failed repaint.

The rest sadly you are on your own. :(

Sounds like they didn't clean the surface before painting, they didn't use compatible products, or they didn't prep the surface correctly. You'll probably have to have it stripped if you want a quality paintjob again. there's otherways of doing it though, wasy and cheaper to sand back all the peeling areas to get to the paint that has got good adhesion, then featheredge it and repaint. I have oxford white on half of my X, I could use it redone also, I have like spider lines in some spots, but thats b/c it's a 97.

BAM, Axial is right. I bought an '01 ST in black off a used lot. Looked like a mirror. 2 yrs later it had this spiderweb look on the whole front clip. Now it's a flaking mess. Further review of the frame showed collision damage. It has been painted at a piss-poor shop which didn't correctly prep the surface or allow ample cure time between coats.