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2WD transmission into 4WD explorer sport


April 28, 2006
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2001 Explorer Sport 4X4
Can a 2WD transmission be easily put in a 4WD explorer sport? The transmission on my 2001 Explorer Sport 4X4 died. I found a guy that has a 2001 Explorer Sport 2WD with a good transmission. Is it an easy swap? What other parts would I need off of the 2WD Explorer Sport?

I don't know that it is overly difficult, but I don't know that it is worth the effort. I'm not familiar with the 5R55E or 4R70W specifically, but the following seems to apply to most auto transmissions

When converting from 2wd to 4wd versions, you usually have to replace the output shaft. The output shaft is usually the last thing to come out when disassembling the transmission and the first thing to go back in upon assembly. So you end up essentially rebuilding the transmission in the process of converting. If your goal is to avoid the cost/effort of rebuilding your existing transmission, it's probably not worth it.

i have the same question....... i have a 99 sohc 4x4 sport w/ a blown transmission what needs to be done to put in a 2wd transmission and 2wd front components?


thanks in advance!:thumbsup: