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Converting 4WD to 2WD.


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November 14, 2008
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My daughter has a 93 2WD that has a new transmission and smashed the body in a crash. We found a great replacement 93 but it is a 4WD. Can we use the trans from the 2WD in the 4WD body? We do not care about keeping it as 4WD.

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Welcome to this forum! You could use the 2WD A4LD if you use a longer driveshaft which is made for a 2WD. You will save gas by eliminating the extra weight. If you know the amount of weight you will be saving, and could document that it was converted to 2WD, you could save a few dollars every time you renew your registration with the DMV.

Double check that the rear diffs are the same and use the same flange...but if they are, then you should be able to use your old engine/trans as a 2wd and utilize your old driveline. registration fees for vehicles under 6500 GVW are dependent on vehicle weight???

Yes. I didn't know this until I registered my 95. It was a few dollars more than the registration for the 89, since the 95 is slightly heavier (ABS, air bag, etc). Although insurance is cheaper because of the ABS, and air bag.

Wow. Ours are dependent on value. Nothing to do with weight below a certain GVW.